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Foundation Routine - how to get a flawless face | Jaclyn Hill

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  • 게시일 2012. 09. 02.
  • hey guys! Please subscribe! bit.ly/SubJaclyn
    I know the foundation color does not match my chest!! I was sunburnt from the day before.
    Look for the shade that matches your skin color and tone, take time to apply the foundation the right way - some people like to use a beauty blender or a makeup brush. It may be easier to match your skin tone with a foundation color at an Ulta or Sephora, so you can actually see which one matches your skin tone best.
    *So sorry that the end cut off! youtube obviously wasn't happy about my long video!*
    SIGMA BRUSHES: (where you can purchase the F80 that I used)
    Sorry the video is so choppy!
    I had to edit it big time to cut down on the time, hope you dont mind!
    ALSO, I totally forgot to mention my favorite MAC foundation of all time. Prolong wear foundation. its a HD foundation, lasts all day, for all skin types, water proof and doesn't rub off. it means business!
    any questions, please leave below! I will get back to you! Thank youuuu!
    INSTAGRAM: Jaclynhill
    TWITTER: Jaclynhill
    Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on KRclip. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.
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  • Emilee Eiler
    Emilee Eiler 2 년 전 +86

    This is the Jaclyn I fell in love with. No set, no backdrop, no fancy editing... just Jaclyn!

  • Cece Honeybee
    Cece Honeybee 7 년 전 +118

    Wow, to be honest, I thought she was already wearing her foundation in the beginning of the video;her face is flawless!

    • PriscillaNilla
      PriscillaNilla 4 년 전

      Right?! She has such perfect skin!

    • Nancy M.C.
      Nancy M.C. 4 년 전

      I see so many beauty gurus on youtube that look like death without makeup. I think Jaclyn skin looks healthy and beautiful without any foundation on which is rare to see for these beauty gurus.

    • Khaleesi Kimber
      Khaleesi Kimber 4 년 전

      Cece Honeybee lots of people have clear skin..

  • Seonaid Winkle
    Seonaid Winkle 5 년 전 +39

    This is the first video I ever watched of Jaclyn. Coming back and watching it makes me really miss these older videos. She seems much more down to earth and completely herself. Not trying to sell brands as some videos can come across now a days.

  • Lilly Jones
    Lilly Jones 4 년 전 +21

    She is a totally diffrente person than nowadays. So much humble.

  • DarlingArlene
    DarlingArlene 6 년 전 +37

    And to think that last night on Snapchat we were all watching you being celebrated by Sephora and Becca cosmetics. How fucking cool is it that you are LIVING PROOF that dreams do come true. Congrats on all of your hard work. Xoxo A dedicated friend and subscriber.

  • Rena Deal
    Rena Deal 7 년 전 +6

    Watching your old videos gives me a lot of hope that over the years I will change and grow the same way you did with my make up journey! You have gained so much confidence and you can just see the difference between the person you are now to the person you were! I look up to you a lot woman. I hope one day I can reveal my creative side and have time to experiment with make up the same way you do. Inshallah Love you

  • Makeupbytaylora
    Makeupbytaylora 5 년 전 +232

    I miss this Jaclyn! So down to earth and relatable. Before all the glitz and glam and "yasss hunni, eye brows on fleek". I could watch your old videos like this over and over again ❤️

    • Paladium
      Paladium 2 년 전 +1

      Yes EXACTLY! It's my opinion that she seems very snobby and unrelatable in anything after 2016 maybe early 2017. It's honestly sad to me to watch the downward spiral that is her personality.

    • Kelly Lang
      Kelly Lang 3 년 전

      Makeupbytaylora same here...I look for them!!

  • Morgan Harrison
    Morgan Harrison 6 년 전 +8

    " I don't really believe in primers." It's very neat to see how far she has come as a person and artist from watching the old to the new. You go Jaclyn!

  • Lilac
    Lilac 6 년 전 +10

    I really like your more natural look here. You are super talented with makeup and while I love the "done up" looks you've been doing lately......you are so naturally pretty that I find it more flattering for you to let your natural light shine through. Keep up the good work, Jaclyn! Your success is much deserved! xoxo

  • Mia
    Mia 4 년 전 +3

    I love rewatching your old videos and seeing how much you've grown as a makeup artist youtuber and person over all. you have been as inspiration to me in so many ways from makeup to physical and mental health. love you Jaclyn. ive been using your palette everyday since I got it. I didn't buy makeup all year to make sure i would be able to afford it (I know its affordable but I'm broke lol) thank you for being you

  • That Lipstick Life
    That Lipstick Life 6 년 전 +47

    Find it so cool to see that Jaclyn still recommends these two foundations! Obviously they're the bomb haha

    • pcanoe
      pcanoe 2 년 전

      That Lipstick Life p

  • Snjhi
    Snjhi 4 년 전 +3

    ❤️ yes I came from watching your most recent video and this is so pure that you look so natural I’m loving it so innocent yet so much info that I love I feel like a student

    MISSKAYKAY 7 년 전 +38

    My daughter is always watching your videos , I thought they were for only the younger girls but today I watched one, then another, and another lol. I am 51 yrs old and really enjoyed them. You are adorable and so knowledgeable!
    I've already learned a few new tricks. Thank you!
    Wanted to ask: I have a very red color to my face and neck. My face always looks almost lightly sunburned. Any recommendations for a foundation routine?
    Keep up the good work sweetie!

    • Kimberly Bellefontaine
      Kimberly Bellefontaine 5 년 전

      Jade Carson I'm in my 50's as well and really have enjoyed watching her videos!😃😜. I especially enjoy her older videos. Love her in these older ones!

      MISSKAYKAY 6 년 전 +1

      @Nuha Islam thank you!

      MISSKAYKAY 7 년 전

      Thank you Anyssa. I'll check that out as well!

    • Anyssa Baker
      Anyssa Baker 7 년 전

      Apparently Clinique makes a foundation for red skin tones that works good!

      MISSKAYKAY 7 년 전

      Thanks sarah I'll check it out!

  • asmae
    asmae 8 년 전 +5

    Girl I love ur personality, energy, ur make up knowledge, and the way u explain things!! Amazing, def subscribing!
    Peace out from Morocco

  • Amelia Muth
    Amelia Muth 5 년 전 +44

    she's come so far; I am so proud of her💜

  • Madelyn Rinehart
    Madelyn Rinehart 5 년 전 +1

    You are so inspiring. Watching how much you've evolved and have grown throughout KRclip yet stayed true to yourself is so amazing keep slayin the game girl

  • kathyduar96
    kathyduar96 4 년 전 +3

    AWHHHH watching in 2017 thinking I was watching this video in 2013 in my in my dorm room alone cuz i was in a new city in college. Im so proud of you Jaclyn!!! You went from your apartment on your computer cam(i think?) and now into an AMAZING house and so successful. Manny and Laura were SO right about you being the person who opened the door to all youtubers 💙💙 i cant wait to meet you in person and just say thank you for literally everything.

  • ReezyReHD
    ReezyReHD 7 년 전 +6

    Randomly stumbled across this video accidentally. I obviously have no interest in makeup LOL but her energy is electric. Seems like she really cares about her fans in giving yall this information.

  • Melissa Hernandez
    Melissa Hernandez 5 년 전 +1

    This is SO CUTE😍😂 I just decided to jump to the beginning since she just hit 10k subscribers and omg I love her!!! She's so real and informative!! SHES SUCH AN INSPIRATION !

  • Jesseca Bonvillain
    Jesseca Bonvillain 5 년 전

    So cool to see how far you've come seeing your foundation video today, still beautiful inside and out! Keep doing you girl!!

  • Deeglamxo
    Deeglamxo 6 년 전 +4

    Please do a tutorial on the eye look you're wearing, I love it! 😻😻

  • Alyx Griffin
    Alyx Griffin 4 년 전

    2017!!! Rewatching because I love this so much!!!!! First time I watched I was literally in high school and this tutorial saved the day with my foundation routine and introduced me to makeup 🙌🏻

  • Brianna Dobbie
    Brianna Dobbie 6 년 전 +183

    you can tell how far you've come just by your background

  • Trevor Rosine
    Trevor Rosine 5 년 전 +1

    this is so cute omg. I love how true she's always been. even with how much she has grown she's still Jennie from the block. ❤❤

  • Bitten ByBeauty
    Bitten ByBeauty 8 년 전

    I LOVE how you are so truthful about everything in your videos and tell things the way you see it!! You definitely got yourself a new subscriber!! :)

  • Carly Terp
    Carly Terp 6 년 전

    NIGHT AND DAY difference, Jaclyn! I'm so glad to see how much more joy and life and energy you have now, while still being a brilliant makeup mind :)

  • Anna Burroughs
    Anna Burroughs 6 년 전

    Baby Jaclyn! These videos were my favorite back in the day! No back drops nothing crazy just me and my girl Jaclyn getting real with some make up tips and preparing me for the fleekness of the future! Love you so much Jaclyn! #rideordiehillster #snapchatfam

  • Katie Sims
    Katie Sims 6 년 전

    Thank you for so much for being faithful to this calling! You seem so sweet, cute, and fun! I'm new to all this because up until now I've had very naturally good skin and I only used to use tinted moisturizer. This has been very informational for me! God bless you and your vulnerability! What a calling! Be blessed!

  • Carly Salih
    Carly Salih 7 년 전 +14

    Hi, I love your videos! I'm just wondering whether your makeup looks so flawless because you already have flawless skin? It would be really interesting to see a tutorial where you do exactly the same to someone who has eyebags and lots of imperfections. Would love that x

  • mary lopez
    mary lopez 5 년 전 +223

    I love this Jaclyn, so chill and much more real, her videos nowadays it seems so forced with the "yaaaaas's" and snapping, idk, I like this Jac much more 💋

    • Prizzilla
      Prizzilla 4 년 전 +1

      The forced bloopers lol

    • Kimberly Bellefontaine
      Kimberly Bellefontaine 5 년 전 +13

      mary lopez I do too! She may not be as "comfortable" in these older vids as in her current ones, but I still loooooove ALL of her old videos like this one. So cute, so natural, no "snappy snap, I'm trying to entertain." She's just very focused on GIVING GOOD INFORMATION....not worried or concerned about "entertaining." I appreciate that🙂

    • Alejandra Ruiz
      Alejandra Ruiz 5 년 전 +13

      Omg, I feel the exact same way. I so miss this Jaclyn I got obsessed with. 😢

    • Amelia Salvador
      Amelia Salvador 5 년 전 +59

      I think she's just got much more comfortable in front of the camera and it's easier for her to show her true self. You can tell in her old videos that she's super uncomfortable & has bad anxiety filming.

  • Sharon Peckham
    Sharon Peckham 6 년 전

    I just found your channel with all your makeup tutorials. I'm still learning a lot, and need to watch more, but I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you and what you do!

  • Eva Boehm
    Eva Boehm 6 년 전

    I love your tutorials and the way you present them in such a down-to-earth manner with your positive, up-beat personality. You, obviously, do your research and test products on yourself thoroughly.
    Thank you, Miss Sunshine.
    Eva Boehm, age 72, and still enjoy trying to look my best and learning about the latest and best.

  • Cookie_Monster :D
    Cookie_Monster :D 7 년 전

    Your make up tutorials are always amazing! You completely inspire me to want to be a make up artist and learn to do what you do! I absolutely love your videos!!

  • Jru Mulls -Jana
    Jru Mulls -Jana 6 년 전

    You make it look sooo easy! Wish I could do my makeup that well!! You are just BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Rafia Hossain
    Rafia Hossain 8 년 전

    I love how you do your foundation!! Your face looks flawless!! :D love watching ur tutorials!

  • Rafia Hossain
    Rafia Hossain 8 년 전

    I love how you do your foundation!! Your face looks flawless!! :D love watching ur tutorials!

  • Chelsea Berish
    Chelsea Berish 8 년 전

    You're so pretty even without foundation! I love how natural you are!

  • Ashley Schmidt
    Ashley Schmidt 6 년 전 +4

    Omg look at how "baby" you looked!!!!! This was the FIRST video I ever watched of you and I instantly fell in love! Keep doing your thang boo boo!

  • Sonia L
    Sonia L 8 년 전

    first time watching your video, i love how informative you are about every product you use, that's great really gives out tips on how to actually keep a face natural and flawless. I loved this !

  • Bekah C.
    Bekah C. 8 년 전

    This was the first video I ever watched of yours! I fell in love with the way you did your makeup! And then I was obsessed, no turning back after that. Almost a year later I still go through your videos when you don't upload new ones and learn so many new techniques of how to do makeup. I'm 12 and my mom always asks me to do her eye makeup because she loves how it looks. She always wonders how I know how to do it and I said KRclip but I really meant was "Jaclyn Hill and Tanya Burr" love you so much, Jaclyn. You've taught me everything I know about makeup.. Especially the blending.. Blend, blend, blend! ;)

  • Mckayla Houck
    Mckayla Houck 6 년 전

    Love you so much Jaclyn its so wonderful looking back at your old videos because you have came so far with everything!

  • laurie Ellison
    laurie Ellison 5 년 전

    You are so real and natural!! I love your personality!!!😘💕

  • Ezarea' Hayes
    Ezarea' Hayes 7 년 전

    Just wanted to say you are so beautiful! I've watched so many beauty videos, and you're the only one that is my go to! My face is weird. I'm half freckles so I often look like I'm wearing a mask when trying to go for a flawless look! This video has helped me so much!! Thank you:) Oh yeah and you're not the only one! When I get nervous my cheeks and chest get reallly red.

  • Kylie Davis
    Kylie Davis 6 년 전

    This was the first video I watched of yours, and I instantly became hooked!! You've come so far Jaclyn Hill!! Congrats on 3 million!!

  • BreAndrea Hampton
    BreAndrea Hampton 4 년 전

    I love how you’ve stuck true to yourself all this time i love it

  • Peggy Joseph
    Peggy Joseph 7 년 전

    Thank you so much. I love your tutorial because you explain the process so thoroughly. I never understood why some people use such lighter shade of concealer. But with your recommendation, I now have a better understanding of how to correctly use concealer.

  • Amelia Fleming
    Amelia Fleming 7 년 전 +247

    I thought you were already wearing foundation at the beginning of the video!! Your skin is perfect

    • Amelia Fleming
      Amelia Fleming 6 년 전 +16

      @Nopi idk i don't think i asked tho!!!! thx

    • nopi.
      nopi. 6 년 전 +5

      @Amelia Fleming Lol I can see that she's not wearing foundation, it's pretty obvious

    • Ana Luiza
      Ana Luiza 7 년 전 +1

      @Amelia Fleming No, she is just wearing eye-shadow at the beginning. Her skin is perfect.

    • Rochelle
      Rochelle 7 년 전


    • Ana Victoria
      Ana Victoria 7 년 전

      @Amelia Fleming ME too! Yeah her skin is perfect

  • Jamee Gass
    Jamee Gass 7 년 전

    I just adore your videos, you're one of many favorites by far. You make the lightened under eye zone technique look achievable and your suggestions are realistic rather than snobby. Thank you so much! I'd love to get my makeup done professionally so I can find a foundation that's perfect for me. I end up with a red nose, between my eyebrows and makeup settles in my chin. I'm looking for ways to fix that.

  • Cinthya Jacquez
    Cinthya Jacquez 8 년 전

    Jaclyn i just love ur videos i was looking for a smokey eye and came across ur video, ever since i watched all ur tutorials and fell in love of how you break everything and help us w all our questions and make it so easy for us not the pros lol love you girl thanks :* keep up the good work and nvr change ur personality ur so humble and thats what keeps me wanting to see more from you.

  • Jessie McDowell
    Jessie McDowell 8 년 전 +1

    Hey Jaclyn! I just discovered your videos and they're wonderful! I was wondering if you could give more info on oil skin types since most of your advice is for dry skin? ALSO.... for those of us who have freckles! How do you apply concealer/foundation without hiding or covering freckles? Thanks!!

  • Deeglamxo
    Deeglamxo 6 년 전

    Please do a tutorial on the eye look you're wearing, I love it! 😻😻

  • Jamie Monroe
    Jamie Monroe 5 년 전

    watching in 2017 still and girl you are always so freakin PRETTY!!!! favorite beauty guru on you tube!!! you definitely know your shit when it comes to makeup!!! Have learned so much from you!!!! Thanks girlie

  • Alyssa Herron
    Alyssa Herron 8 년 전

    Hi Jaclyn!
    Love your makeup videos, and wanted to thank you for making makeup sound fun!
    I wear the basics (moisturizer, foundation, eye shadow, mascara and eye liner) but have never gotten around to playing with makeup too much as I have fair skin (red head problems haha) and its also sensitive. I also get darker circles under my eyes, so your video has helped a lot. I will definitely be makeup shopping in the near future!
    Thanks again!! :)

  • Alexis Kuszaj
    Alexis Kuszaj 6 년 전

    you have came such a loooong way! decided to throw it back and rewatch some old videos its crazy!! So proud of you, thanks for such great videos 😘 😊

  • Brianna Cardoza
    Brianna Cardoza 8 년 전

    This is a great video! Super informative!! I was a little sad today when I went to the MAC counter and the makeup artist informed me that I could use studio sculpt as an under eye product. But I remembered this video and purchased prolong wear for under the eye! Thank you so much!

  • Abigail Cord
    Abigail Cord 7 년 전 +2

    Thank you so much for talking about primers I think they are so useless too! Mosturizer is all you need. Great tutorial! My only critique is that there was a humming noise in the background that was a tiny bit distracting but other than that I found this tutorial extremely helpful. I can't wait to try out your tips!

  • Cammie
    Cammie 8 년 전 +4

    I've watched this video so many times and I still forget shes not wearing foundation at the beginning of the video! Beyond gorgeous(:

  • Kai
    Kai 7 년 전

    I love your videos. Its like you actually teach, its a real-deal tutorial.

  • Dani D
    Dani D 8 년 전

    Omg girl I LOVE you! I just watched my first Jaclyn hill video and you are hilarious. Great info easy to follow and not to mention very entertaining. After watching one I had to keep watching more! Keep up the good work and I'll keep watching!!

    • Megan Keller
      Megan Keller 7 년 전

      i loved that video. Thanks for posting it!

  • Minju Kim
    Minju Kim 6 년 전

    I love how true Jaclyn stayed true to herself even after three years

  • Xiao_teaching Violin
    Xiao_teaching Violin 3 년 전 +1

    I watched this one so many times! And it is 2019! Please do not delete this video!

  • Nikki DiPietro
    Nikki DiPietro 8 년 전 +5

    I don't normally comment on these make up tutorial videos (even though I watch them religiously!), but I just had to leave a comment on this one. Since I began watching NEVER had I watched a video more helpful with foundation than this one! I watched your skin care routine and this one back to back and have basically decided to listen to every tip and trick that you suggest.
    From the way you describe your skin, it sounds EXACTLY the same as mine. I am very dry, get redness (even between the eyebrows like you said!), and have slightly sensitive skin (it has gotten better now that I'm in my 20s. God do I wish I knew how to do makeup in high school!). I also have had major problems with creasing under eye concealer, under eye highlighting, etc. These two videos solved that! I find that most of the beauty guru's on youtube seem to have combination or oily skin, and none have properly addressed the issues of having dry skin like you have. I finally have ways to properly apply makeup on my dry skin without looking so cakey and weird. As a girl who is not a makeup artist, but who loves finding new products and tricks, these are my new holy grail. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Theresa H
    Theresa H 7 년 전

    Thank you for not showing a "cake face" tutorial! This is exactly what I am looking for because I only do full face make up on occasion and I just want a basic, not too much blending foundation like this. Thanks!

  • Sam Tobler
    Sam Tobler 8 년 전

    This tutorial really helped! I look so natural without looking like cake face

  • Caitlin Nelson
    Caitlin Nelson 4 년 전

    One of the first Jaclyn videos I watched!! Omg just rewatched tonight. Back when Jac didn't believe in primer and there weren't beauty blenders! 😂 and alllllllll that Mac! Still love this video bc this is really when I became a fan! ❤️

  • Noelle Collette
    Noelle Collette 7 년 전

    Your skin is flawless without it UGH I hope my skin looks like that one day

  • UKmedicFRCS
    UKmedicFRCS 7 년 전

    Im new to your channel and i am a fan! Thank you for helping all of us get it right! Cheers thanks a lot

  • greeneyed Lilpup74
    greeneyed Lilpup74 5 년 전

    Best video I've seen on how to do foundation.. Can't believe it's from 2012!! Amazing... You always look flawless!! 🤗

  • DeSire F
    DeSire F 6 년 전

    i absolutely love you and your personality you are someone everyone needs in they're life 😊😊

  • maryam moghadasian
    maryam moghadasian 8 년 전

    You said in ur video that your everyday makeup routine is so much more simple. Could you do a tutorial on that? Thank you, love you!!!!

  • petra vs
    petra vs 8 년 전

    you look so great without foundation, you allready have a flawless face:)

  • teehee123
    teehee123 7 년 전

    your makeup is beautiful and the video is very informative, thanks! also, your skin without the foundation is a very lovely color

  • liana pittman
    liana pittman 7 년 전

    You have a great personality! Your skin looks beautiful without the makeup. The makeup routine looked good as well and natural once it was done. I actually thought you had already done your foundation at the beginning because your skin is so clear.

  • Chelsie King
    Chelsie King 4 년 전

    I’ve always loved this video! I literally have loved you for so long!! There are so many things I relate with you on... your journey you have been on with your relationship I relate to. Then when I saw this video a few years ago for the first time when you were talking about how red your neck and chest gets, I was like omg i do that too. Lol idk why but anytime I talk fast, get anxious, or get upset I get patchy and super red just like that. Jon and I also have the same birthday!! 🎂 I just re watched this from sooo long ago and you are so amazing! 😊😊 love to you❤️

  • TombLilly
    TombLilly 7 년 전 +1

    Hi Jaclyn! ^^ I am finishing my esthetician degree and I have a special passion for makeup, so I keep searching for tutorials online. I have to say that your video is one of the most sincere, inspirational & has great answers to all of the little questions I have been having. :) Thanks!

  • Gina Espinal
    Gina Espinal 8 년 전

    Ahhhh! I was using that studio finish concealer under my eyes!!! I love makeup and I enjoy giving people tips and I get so annoyed when the girls at MAC are so rude and dont truly give you good advice. Thank you for being so honest and sharing what you know!!

  • L.
    L. 7 년 전 +1

    this is the best tutorial I've ever seen. I love it!!❤️

  • Maddy Lee
    Maddy Lee 5 년 전

    This video made me feel better about my self .. I have red patches on my chest to when I get stressed it's not just you .. your so inspirational I love you so much your amazing... God bless

  • Molly Lopez
    Molly Lopez 7 년 전

    Thank you thank you thank for doing a "flawless skin" video that isn't cakey! I can't stand women who cake their makeup on (no matter how "flawless" it may look in the end). Natural-looking is always better! Great information I learned a few new things :)

  • Erica Smith
    Erica Smith 8 년 전

    You are amazing. You know your stuff and explain it well, your beautiful and great in front of a camera. I look forward to watching all your videos

  • TheJanessaShepperd
    TheJanessaShepperd 7 년 전

    I loooooove how you incorporate facts and tips throughout your videos instead of just going through the tutorial.. SUBSCRIBING

  • Arcacia Rudd
    Arcacia Rudd 8 년 전

    I absolutely LOVE your eye make up in this video! I'm not sure if you have done a tutorial on that kind of look, I tried to find one but no luck, so if you haven't, please consider it! It's beautiful! Xx

  • Morgan More
    Morgan More 8 년 전 +3

    l love your make up don't let the few haters on here get to you...if they are afraid of wearing make up they should not be on here... thanks Jaclyn

  • Itsnotkenzi98
    Itsnotkenzi98 2 년 전 +1

    Very first video I watched by Jaclyn. I remember googling how to do your foundation(I was like 13😂) and this video popped up And I've watched since and I'm turning 21 this month!!

  • DeAndra Alvarado
    DeAndra Alvarado 5 년 전


  • Kelley Peterson
    Kelley Peterson 6 년 전

    Can we pleaseee see a tutorial on this eye look?! 💕💕

  • Nastassia Ponomarenko
    Nastassia Ponomarenko 8 년 전 +3

    Wow, you are like an authentic beauty guru. Not those 15 year old ones who know nothing about makeup! You just earned a new subbie! :)

  • ALVA Makeup
    ALVA Makeup 8 년 전

    Hey Jaclyn, MUFE Face and Body is awesome for dry skin as well! Also, a great concealer that I have been using is Vasanti's Pick me up Color correcting Hihglighting Concealer. It is amazing.

  • Addison Wood
    Addison Wood 4 년 전

    I specifically remember this being the first Jaclyn video I ever watched. I subscribed then and here I am 5 years later with my laptop sitting on my desk next to my Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette. Look how far she's come!!!!!

  • Pharie Queine
    Pharie Queine 8 년 전 +1

    Girl your face is already flawless!!

  • If you steal my sunshine

    Thank you so much for the helpful information, especially on the concealers.

  • Emma Olley
    Emma Olley 5 년 전 +1

    Jaclyn ❤ I love your channel. I love your instagram. I love your snapchat. You and Jon are my couple goals. You guys are so amazingly cute. I watch your videos and I love them. You are my make up inspiration. Single handedly. Thanks so much for always catching up with your followers and being so funny every day :)

  • Lisa Zhen
    Lisa Zhen 8 년 전 +1

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    I really love your eye makeup!❤👍 Thank you and looking forward to your next video. Wishing you peace and blessings.😊❤🥂

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