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Drunk Get Ready With Me Feat. My BFF | Jaclyn Hill

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  • 게시일 2017. 08. 22.
  • This video should have been called "2 idiots 1 video" but we thought that people would understand what the video was about hahaha! I really hope you enjoy our silliness! Please watch this get ready with me video with a sense of humor! XOX
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  • Janielle Wright
    Janielle Wright 4 년 전 +629


  • celeste hernandez
    celeste hernandez 3 년 전 +923

    “There’s not gonna be much fallout cuz we’re gonna be using my palette”😂👑

  • Kaitlyn6150
    Kaitlyn6150 2 년 전 +135

    Whenever I need a good laugh or pick me up I come back to this video everytime

  • Alexandra Renee
    Alexandra Renee 4 년 전 +537

    This is the level of friendship I want to achieve in my Sad depressing life.

    • Julie Albert Roussel
      Julie Albert Roussel 년 전

      I’m 3 years later but did you find that friend yet lol I haven’t and I’m 30 😔 lol people can’t put up with me 😂

    • Purple Peggy
      Purple Peggy 2 년 전 +1

      Alexandra Renee
      😔😢😢 Then it will. But it will happen when you least expect it. 😉

    • Kookies n Cream
      Kookies n Cream 3 년 전 +2

      I already got mine !!!! I’m soooo thank full!!! ❤️🥰

    • tater tots
      tater tots 3 년 전 +2


  • Rachel Koemi
    Rachel Koemi 3 년 전 +436

    Who's here from their car grwm?? LOVE them together they make me feel like I'm friends with them too and just hanging out

  • Em Dunc
    Em Dunc 4 년 전 +3728

    That feel when Jaclyn's drunk and her makeup still looks approximately 387% better than yours

  • Kaitlyn Cavanaugh
    Kaitlyn Cavanaugh 3 년 전 +1153

    whos down for a remake? one year later...

  • Coleen
    Coleen 4 년 전 +209

    The way you were looking at Jackie when she was talking about you in this video really got to me. Like, it pretty much summed up how I feel about my best friends. I would do anything for them, and I never want them out of my life and that was what I saw in you. So sweet. I'm happy you have someone so wonderful in your corner, Jaclyn.

  • Chloe Staley
    Chloe Staley 4 년 전 +234

    “I wouldn’t leave the house looking like this” **as she looks better than me actually trying on my makeup sober**

  • Kristen Collins
    Kristen Collins 년 전 +13

    This is a video I never knew I needed until seeing it (yesI'm watching for the first time in 2020) but this just boosted my spirit 100%

  • Ashlie T
    Ashlie T 4 년 전 +791

    Jaclyn needs to make a playlist on Spotify that her and Jackie always dance to/get ready with. I need that in my lifeeee 🙌🏻

  • Sumaiya Chand
    Sumaiya Chand 2 년 전 +21

    i just cant get enough of this video I've probably watched it a million times I m in love with your loveee

  • Cara Pocono
    Cara Pocono 4 년 전 +134

    When you wake up the next morning and realize that all of your setting spray is gone then you watch the video again and relive the last night

  • Ava Loop
    Ava Loop 년 전 +6

    From time to time I come back to this video to boost my mood❤

  • Madalyn Smith
    Madalyn Smith 2 년 전 +3

    This is my favorite video by Jaclyn ever!! I still watch it here is 2020 just because I love the energy and it literally makes me feel like I’m their friend. ❤️

  • ErikaCS13
    ErikaCS13 4 년 전 +3020

    Ok I'm starting a petition to bring the Jackie and Jaclyn show on a weekly basis ... sign below

    • _iamhenny*
      _iamhenny* 년 전

      SAMEE, there literally so cute 😭

    • Heather C
      Heather C 년 전

      I miss seeing them together

    • Madalyn Brown
      Madalyn Brown 년 전

      Madalyn 😘

    • TeeJay Jarred
      TeeJay Jarred 2 년 전

      I wasn’t sure how I felt about you girls then you busted out “bitch” (nothing in between) and you sold me. Fuck yeah bitches

    • kenah story
      kenah story 2 년 전

      mxkrnah signed

  • Clarissa Rivera
    Clarissa Rivera 3 년 전 +9

    I feel like Jackie’s the aunt you can talk to about anything 😂

  • hailey
    hailey 4 년 전 +33

    “I would not leave the house like this” her makeup looks better than mine does 110% of the time...

  • Kristina Gerlach
    Kristina Gerlach 4 년 전 +2

    This is literally the most relatable and awesome make up tutorial I’ve ever watched 😂❤️

  • BrittBeautyX
    BrittBeautyX 3 년 전 +69

    A year later and this is still amazing

  • Bethany Sontag
    Bethany Sontag 4 년 전 +1359


  • Ariel Makenzee
    Ariel Makenzee 3 년 전 +11

    I love how Jackie can just stop and dance with only one wing done

  • Kalen Alexis Beauty
    Kalen Alexis Beauty 3 년 전 +4

    I wish I had a bff like this!!!

  • Holly Elmy
    Holly Elmy 2 년 전 +2

    I’ve watched this video 4 times and I literally will never get bored of it😂

  • Queenofkhaos28
    Queenofkhaos28 3 년 전 +1

    I live for this!!! You seriously just need a best friend to have one of these nights with!!! 😍

  • Chantal van der Walt
    Chantal van der Walt 3 년 전 +2

    Jaclyn!!!! We need another one like this pleeeeaaaase!!!! 🤣🤣Just looove it!!

  • Ally Egan
    Ally Egan 년 전 +1

    I’ve seen this video literally about 10 times! You and your friend Jackie have the best friendship. I love you girls! I’ve followed you through almost every video you posted. Every time I have a bad day or just feeling down, I come to THIS video and boom, I instantly feel better and laugh! I love you! You guys are my spirit animal! ❤️

  • Tanisha Renae
    Tanisha Renae 2 년 전 +4

    With everything going on, on social media i hope all is well with you always loved your content you’ve taught me a lot 💜💜 hopefully i don’t get flagged for all of this just trying to spread positivity in such a little negative space 💜💜loved this video 😂😂

    NICOLE CALDWELL 2 년 전 +1

    Can we do a new one of these drunk videos? I fucking love Jackie, and I think seeing how you two have grown (either apart, or together) would be a good wholesome video, and get away from all the normal pot of Jaclyn bullshit that people like to stir. Ok I love you bye. :)

  • Aly Christine
    Aly Christine 4 년 전 +37

    Pure entertainment!!! I loved watching this!! I think it would be so fun if you did a drunk Q and A!!!

  • Andrea Hofer
    Andrea Hofer 2 년 전 +2


  • Marissa Cerrillo
    Marissa Cerrillo 4 년 전 +1

    Literally bestie goals!! I’m so jealous 😭 I need my friends to be on this level

  • Piper Moran
    Piper Moran 4 년 전 +29

    WOW even when their drunk they still slayed their makuep

  • Olivia Miller
    Olivia Miller 2 년 전 +1

    2 years ago and this video still brings me joy 💕💕

  • Beauty by Katie D.
    Beauty by Katie D. 4 년 전 +1140

    this video reminds me of freshman year of college, pregaming with my girlfriends while getting ready to go out for the night! This brings so many good memories back! 😂🙌🏻💘

    • Dayzha llewellyn
      Dayzha llewellyn 3 년 전

      omggg bitch yessss!!!

    • Sian Retford
      Sian Retford 4 년 전

      Every Date Kate I

    • Caitlin Marie
      Caitlin Marie 4 년 전 +6

      Um, YES. That was some of my favorite memories-all of us sitting in the middle of the dorm/apartment, blasting music, drinking, and doing our makeup. I'd kill for that again.

    • Linda F.
      Linda F. 4 년 전 +2

      Every Date Kate I feel the same! Where'd the time go?? :) 😫

  • Victoria Sanchez
    Victoria Sanchez 3 년 전 +1

    Waiting for another one of these!!! Definitely one of my most favorite videos!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Ps. Probs have watched this at least like 20 times! Bc it’s so funny and love the playlist!!!

  • jenny m
    jenny m 3 년 전

    Still watching this...legit crying at u both! Ultimate bf goals! This is my go to video when im feeling miserable, thank u for lifting my spirits every time I need it. Never change who u are as u are the most gounded KRclipr out there. I love u and happy Christmas 😘

  • Me
    Me 8 개월 전

    This is one of the best and most genuine drunk makeup birdies I’ve ever watched. This is actually funny and you guys are beautiful with or without make up. Keep being you😊💜

  • Jenna Wallace
    Jenna Wallace 3 년 전 +2

    I cant even tell you how many times i have watched this video and cried laughing hahahahha still watching it since you posted it

  • Shelbizleee
    Shelbizleee 4 년 전 +23

    I'm counting how many times they say "Bitch." WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!

  • Adrianna Aragon
    Adrianna Aragon 3 년 전

    I always put this on when I need to laugh, smile or a pick me up because it ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS puts me in an amazing mood!! Thank you guys sooooooo much for that!! Love you guys!! XoXoXoXo

  • BOrganically
    BOrganically 2 년 전 +3

    I hope she still has days like this off the camera & I hope she is happy. Miss you Jac.

  • Dee
    Dee 4 년 전

    When you see her in person you be like " the limit does not exist" love this video hilarious and friendship goals forsure !❤️

  • Kiley
    Kiley 4 년 전 +22

    “Yea pops that’s my shit!” 😆😂
    Disclaimer: no setting sprays were harmed during the making of this video.

  • JJ Cole
    JJ Cole 4 년 전 +151

    I think Jackie is the sweetest. I'm surprised she doesn't pursue her KRclip channel...like hard core. She is INCREDIBLY talented in all aspects. I wish she would.

    • JJ Cole
      JJ Cole 4 년 전 +1

      Nahar Tamrin I know she has a channel but she doesn't pursue it, hence my comment.
      She hasn't uploaded in over a year.

    • Samsun Nahar
      Samsun Nahar 4 년 전 +1

      JJ Cole she has one ☺

  • Celeste Woodberry
    Celeste Woodberry 4 년 전 +27

    DO A PART 2!!!

  • Erika Lovee
    Erika Lovee 2 년 전 +1

    If my best friend doesn't look at me the way Jaclyn looks at Jackie explaining her favorite thing about her, thennn I don't want her!!🥴💘

  • Ally Pally
    Ally Pally 4 년 전

    i have not had a video make me laugh as hard every time i watch it as this one does jaclyn i love you your videos are just amazing

  • ゲームAlpha_Moon
    ゲームAlpha_Moon 3 년 전 +4

    Jacklyn (so sorry if spelt wrong ) IS SO DOWN TO EARTH she’s s funny and just so real with the brightest personality

  • Bo van Dijk
    Bo van Dijk 4 년 전 +265

    i honestly don't know why everyone is hating on jaclyn... I love you Jaclyn, ignore the haters! video was hilarious

  • Kristyna G
    Kristyna G 3 년 전

    How can people dislike this so much? 😂 this always makes my day! I need friends like this or friends in general would be nice 😂

  • graciann
    graciann 4 년 전 +5

    “no, you’re done. you’re done. you are not dipping into eyeshadow, no. you’re done” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Renee S
    Renee S 4 년 전

    I’ve watched this video that many times😂 if I’m having a flat day, this is my go to! Reminds me of my best friend❤️

  • JalanaSp
    JalanaSp 4 년 전

    The fact that they are so loving and supportive when their drunk is so fun 😂😂💖

  • JUST Victoria
    JUST Victoria 4 년 전

    Omg this was hilarious! I literally just died by watching thiiiiisss. U guys are so funny! Jaclyn I'm following for years already but u really catched my heart with this ❤❤❤

  • Alison Dye
    Alison Dye 년 전

    I still watch this video when I’m sad and I need to laugh! I love their friendship 💛

  • mohadese Elmpour
    mohadese Elmpour 4 년 전

    I literally watched this 10times and i still in love with this video and i can watch this 10000 more times and enjoy like the first time😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Blair Marcus
    Blair Marcus 4 년 전

    I want a best friend relationship like the one y’all have 😍 this was so funny and cute! #GOALS 💕

  • berna Safar
    berna Safar 4 년 전 +59

    Jackie should make her own youtube channel:)

    • Lindsey
      Lindsey 4 년 전

      REDRUBY I'm pretty sure she has one but hasn't posted a video in awhile!!

    • Kelli Miller
      Kelli Miller 4 년 전 +1

      REDRUBY she has one!

  • Laurel Edmond
    Laurel Edmond 4 년 전

    Here I am watching this for like the 11th time and I’m still laughing 😂
    You guys are so funny ❤️
    Come out with a part 2 puhleeeeez !!

  • Jessica Santillo
    Jessica Santillo 4 년 전 +15

    Jackie like.. “omg I would NEVER leave the house looking like this...” meanwhile it’s like the best she’s ever looked lol 😂

  • Takara Johnson
    Takara Johnson 4 년 전

    This video was soooooo hilarious and genuine it reminded me of me and my best friend relationship I felt this video ❤️✊🏽😂

  • Samantha Scott
    Samantha Scott 3 년 전

    The more I watch this the funnier it is!! I wanna hang out with you two 💕

  • Brennon Burlison
    Brennon Burlison 4 년 전 +46

    This video was the funniest thing I've watched in a long time!! Everyone needs a Jackie in their life!!!!!

  • Alicia T
    Alicia T 4 년 전

    Honestly when I need cheering up I always come back to this video purely because you’re both so charismatic it’s so refreshing 💕💕

  • Jaclyn Murphy
    Jaclyn Murphy 4 년 전

    Omg I never laughed my ass off so much in a hot minute and y’all totally had me like, that’s just like how me and my bestie are and have been since we was in 6th grade and we’re 30 now ! I love y’all and the best !💕❤️💗💕

  • Abby Chuma
    Abby Chuma 3 년 전

    This was so entertaining 😂 makes me wanna do makeup drunk with my bestie

  • Josieeeee
    Josieeeee 4 년 전

    I really didnt want this to end! You need to make more of these! I absolutely love it I live for you, you do you boo! 👏👏👏

  • Lexi Renner
    Lexi Renner 4 년 전 +38

    If I could love this 1,000 times, I WOULD! This is so me and my best friend!!!!

  • Quenna Lyn De Guzman

    I need a part 2, 3,4 and more of this. I literally watched this video so many times ❣

  • Kristy Luna
    Kristy Luna 2 년 전 +1

    Please do more videos like this 😭 not just drunk but genuinely loving life and having fun I love you and have loved you for the longest. Come back 😭💖

  • Laura Robertson
    Laura Robertson 2 년 전

    This was literally everything!!! For real yall are friendship goals!!

  • Vashti Ramsaroop
    Vashti Ramsaroop 3 년 전 +4

    Where can I get a friend like this? Congrats on your friendship, and thank you for giving me LOTS of giggles!!!

  • Jazzy Zuniga
    Jazzy Zuniga 4 년 전 +65

    This was hilarious. Just Jaclyn keeping it real.

  • WitchyEmpath555
    WitchyEmpath555 2 년 전

    This is fantastic! Love watching bestfriends together in their happiness

  • Susana Santos
    Susana Santos 3 년 전

    I think this is hands down my favorite KRclip video ever, can't laugh enough, I would do 100% the same thing with my best friend.

  • Kayla Donley
    Kayla Donley 2 년 전

    Jesus christ I need friends like this 😂 absolutely love it!

  • Ellen Elizabeth Lynne

    2020. I watch whenever I need a pick me up. Love you guys!!

  • Monica Medina
    Monica Medina 4 년 전 +25

    everyone needs a best friend like u guys!!! u r sooo amazing!!
    btw i bought your palette, im so excited😁😄

  • Sammi Belle
    Sammi Belle 3 년 전

    Depressed lately and this is the first thing to make me genuinely laugh in a long while. Wow. Thank you 😭💜

  • Laura Leon
    Laura Leon 3 년 전 +1

    I MISS THIS HAPPY TIME! This jaclyn is glowing and happy with Jackie


    Can we do a new one of these drunk videos? I fucking love Jackie, and I think seeing how you two have grown (either apart, or together) would be a good wholesome video, and get away from all the normal pot of Jaclyn bullshit that people like to stir.
    Ok I love you bye. :)

  • haleigh paton
    haleigh paton 3 년 전

    I love this so much. You guys are perfect 😂 I am so obsessed with you Jaclyn. Honestly want to start my own channel thanks to you

  • Sanjuanita Vallejo
    Sanjuanita Vallejo 4 년 전 +33

    Omg Jaclyn I love you girl, I love your videos, I love your personality, I love that you're a great person!!! I LOVE YOU!!! 😫😭😘💖👌🏻

  • shelby coile
    shelby coile 3 년 전

    Sooooo cute! Sending this to my bff right now (at 5:00am) and telling her we should do this for fun. #bffgoals

  • Reresmiles08
    Reresmiles08 4 년 전

    This was so entertaining. I had so much fun watching this. 👍👏👌😊

  • Tiffany Trejo
    Tiffany Trejo 3 년 전

    This video seriously just made my night! The best.....please do a part 2!!!

  • Brittany
    Brittany 3 년 전

    I watch this video whenever I need to smile. Love it so much.

  • Elizabeth Diaz
    Elizabeth Diaz 4 년 전 +50

    This is by far my favorite video ever! I loved it, and I love your friendship with Jackie! I wish I could have something like that as well. I hope you make more videos together!!

  • Christiana Cadena
    Christiana Cadena 4 년 전

    Omg I wanna drink with y’all this looked so fun 😂😂 when you showed your back I was laughing so hard 😂😂

  • Eliana Cerna
    Eliana Cerna 3 년 전

    Jaclyn! We need more videos like this pleeeassse. Literally made me feel like we were hanging out

  • Cassandra Martinez
    Cassandra Martinez 3 년 전

    Fuck, I needed a good laugh like this today. Thank you Jaclyn ❤️

  • Gabriel Glam
    Gabriel Glam 4 년 전

    OMG!!!! This had me laughing sooo hard betch!!!! When you cut your bestie off of the eyeshadow I died! But I LIVE for you! XOXOXO

  • Laura Brooks
    Laura Brooks 4 년 전 +88

    This is literally the best thing I have ever seen!! I was having a bad night and I really needed this.

    • amelietannermua
      amelietannermua 4 년 전 +2

      Same girl. It's great how the internet brings people together 💖

  • Alicia Galgano
    Alicia Galgano 4 년 전

    I love when you do videos with Jackie. I would love to see you do content with women of different ethnicities and tone and create beautiful looks for them. ❤️

  • Purple Peggy
    Purple Peggy 2 년 전 +1

    This is the best youtube video I've EVER watched. You girls better stay Bffs.
    You two are in sync.
    your absolutely perfect friends. Loving this. Little sad, Reminds me of my bff that I had too unfortunately remove myself from due to her crazy jealous MOTHER.
    after 25 yrs I couldn't take it anymore. Good n bad memories. I'm so glad I subbed Jaclyn. she's fun as sh**.

  • Erika Lovee
    Erika Lovee 2 년 전 +1

    I LOVE this video ! I'll always come back to watch it IDC how many times I've viewed it 😂
    Mandatory I watch this ATLEAST 5 times a month 🤷🏼‍♀️🤪😂

  • Gabrielle Northam
    Gabrielle Northam 4 년 전

    Oh my god I could not stop laughing. I really needed to laugh... it's been a tough week. Thank you Jaclyn and Jackie. You women are truly amazing.

  • Camille Collazo
    Camille Collazo 4 년 전 +157

    Please queen of YT make this a regular thing! How about you two do first impressions on new makeup drunk, pretty please? And include a playlist. It's gonna be lit!

    • Elizabeth Smith
      Elizabeth Smith 4 년 전 +6

      Camille Collazo drunk first impressions would be a great series! This needs to happen asap!

  • India Bydeveldt
    India Bydeveldt 4 년 전

    This is still one of my favourite videos ever! 😂 can you two please do another drunk get ready together xx