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Foundation & Concealer Routine | Jaclyn Hill

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  • 게시일 2013. 05. 22.
  • Here is my foundation and concealer routine! You may want to use a color wheel to cancel out any discolaration in the skin. Often an orange color helps cancel out darkenss. It's really important to pick a foundation that has the right amount of coverage for you. The better you color correct the less concealer you will need. Hope this helps!
    PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! bit.ly/SubJaclyn
    Blush and Contour Routine Video: goo.gl/yedtvx
    Jaclynhill (not jaclynhill1)
    MODEL IN A BOTTLE (setting spray for oily skin especially)
    soft brown e/s
    makeup geek eyeshadow - creme brulee & cocoa bear
    maybelline fiber extensions mascara
    maybelline gel liner - blackest black
    mac bronzer - give me sun
    "ripe for love" blush (MAC Temperature Rising Collection)
    highlight - whisper of guilt
    mineralize moisture foundation
    pro long wear concealer - NW20 & 25
    Emphasize highlight powder
    mineralize skin finish - medium plus
    I filmed this video to help you understand the whole process of foundation and concealer.
    This is not always how I do my foundation, but I am showing you the steps!
    I do not think I NEED this makeup, but I am a makeup artist... Telling me I dont need all this makeup, is like telling an accountant they dont need numbers. -----
    Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on KRclip. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.
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  • Yomiel
    Yomiel 7 년 전 +190

    I was confused when you started putting on foundation in the beginning because I thought you already had some on. Your skin is FLAWLESS.

    • Natalie Swinton
      Natalie Swinton 6 년 전 +1

      +Ana Luiza She already is... Your prediction came true 6 months later.

    • Jizzell Reyna
      Jizzell Reyna 7 년 전 +2

      Who cares^^^^^ not that big of a deal......... Holy fuck.

  • kayles143
    kayles143 7 년 전 +94

    Your skin looks flawless in the beginning-I thought you were already wearing foundation!

  • Dani B
    Dani B 7 년 전 +48

    Why the hate from everyone?? She's giving us all tips and tricks on how to look half as good! Don't watch it if you don't like it

  • A
    A 9 년 전 +1

    "Hot winter months" haha you're adorable Jaclyn, I love your channel! I've gotten the most useful tips and tricks from you and your fabulous teaching skills, you explain things so well. Thanks for being awesome ☺

  • Jenn W
    Jenn W 4 년 전 +4

    Watching in 2018, can't believe how different Jaclyn was back then. Look at her relatively normal makeup!! Only 3 dots of concealer!

  • Rodiane Romina Robbins

    Totally inspiring to other makeup artists! Keep the vids coming :)

  • Alejandro Oshun
    Alejandro Oshun 2 년 전

    Wow, I still remember this video. It was actually you who inspired me to start wanting to wear makeup. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come ☺️💕 Love you Jaclyn 🥰 #YourDay1

  • Carm C
    Carm C 6 년 전 +1

    i've watched many videos to learn how to apply all the steps from foundation to makeup, and i must say, your videos by far are the most helpful to me... thank you for sharing :)

  • Jacqui Byrne
    Jacqui Byrne 7 년 전 +47

    Holy cow your skin is flawless!

  • Nadya Aqilla
    Nadya Aqilla 8 년 전 +9

    I thought you already had foundation on the intro. Your skin is beautiful!

  • Laia Luxe
    Laia Luxe 9 년 전 +1

    You're so pretty! This is my first video I've seen of yours but I'm definitely subbing right now! this was an amazing routine and I loved how much you went into detail with everything.
    xox God bless

  • mandapanda0456
    mandapanda0456 7 년 전 +2

    Your skin is flawless without foundation:-)

  • Hope Nolte
    Hope Nolte 7 년 전 +13

    OMG AMAZING !!! I've watched pretty much most of your videos and I've decided I'm going to be more creative and buy new make up so I can sit and learn how to do it :) ever since being diagnosed with depression I've been referring to KRclip to try and relax and then it came across your page and your beautiful make up :)
    Your videos make me smile and not a lot does. Sooo thank you !!! Very much.
    You probably won't even see this but I hope you know that your such a amazing lady and you have grey make up tips :D
    My 18th is come up on New Year's Eve and hopefully I get the make up you have suggested :)

  • georgia2246
    georgia2246 8 년 전

    I thought you already had your foundation done when the video started! Beautiful skin! I love your videos, and I love the way you talk us through the whole video giving tips and explanations as you go. This video is amazing, I love the routine, it is genuinely the best, most flawless foundation video I have seen. Don't let anyone bring you down saying the color isn't right or you don't need makeup, if you want to put it on, do it, and I think the color is great for you. :)

  • Laura Cruz
    Laura Cruz 5 년 전 +2

    I am so glad I clicked on this video! Helped me so much and learned many good and useful tips especially since I am just learning! THANK YOU!

  • itsliliLP
    itsliliLP 8 년 전

    I love the way you explain everything with a lot of detail! Just started watching you after watching Nicole's Blindfold challenge :)

  • Nicole marie
    Nicole marie 8 년 전 +109

    Am I the only one that thinks her foundation was wayyyyy to yellow for her skin?? Whatever though, she still won me over! Haha, new follower!!

    • Mari Lopez
      Mari Lopez 3 년 전 +1

      Yes I was thinking the exact same thing. As someone who has a yellow undertone I noticed right away. Not to mention at the beginning of the video around her mouth and chin it looks like she already has foundation on. Maybe she shot another video earlier and just didnt remove it all the way idk?

  • Court P
    Court P 8 년 전

    Ever since I started watching your videos, I have gotten so many compliments on my make up. You are amazing!!

  • The Cat's Reflection
    The Cat's Reflection 8 년 전 +6

    this is a fabulous tutorial, i really get it. you've earned a new subscriber.

  • Kendra Anspach
    Kendra Anspach 8 년 전

    i Love how informative and instructive you are. thank you so much for making these videos! Xoxoxox

  • Julia Hernandez
    Julia Hernandez 8 년 전 +1

    I love your videos! Such great tips and tricks! It is nice to get such great advice for dry skin! I feel like I'm in a constant battle with my dryness! Have a great day!

  • stella
    stella 7 년 전

    This foundation gives such a wonderful glow (i have oily skin, thanks for the tip)! I enjoy your videos.

  • Breann Baron
    Breann Baron 7 년 전 +1

    Thank you so much for your help Jaclyn! I've never been one to wear foundation or concealer because I've always been told I didn't need it, well and I've always been all about my eyes. I'm a shadow lover :-) I got engaged this year and thanks to my beautiful cousin (and bridesmaid) I've been watching your videos to prep me for doing my own makeup for my wedding. My cousin loves your videos and you of course. Now I do, it's not everyday you find someone with a great personality that is an amazing teacher and gorgeous. Don't listen to the haters and keep up the great work doll! btw...love Georgie!

  • Angelina Sunday
    Angelina Sunday 8 년 전

    You are so detailed in your instructions and I love it. Thanks so much for all the detail and time you put into explaining all your tips. If we're to only subscribe to one channel... It would be yours for sure!

  • Angelica Alvarez
    Angelica Alvarez 8 년 전

    your skin looks amazing without foundation! I thought you were already wearing it

  • Lisa Lee
    Lisa Lee 5 년 전

    I absolutely love your Channel you explain everything you're doing in such detail that I think is great for learning new techniques..

  • kkylieexo
    kkylieexo 9 년 전

    You are SO freakin' informative and I love you for that. I actually trust in you because you have a professionalism in your voice, and you actually tell people things that will help them instead of constantly upselling the products you use. You go girl, you're one of the best in my eyes!

  • Lita Pita
    Lita Pita 8 년 전

    I love your videos! You give a lot if details in your tutorials and that's really helpful. You look gorgeous with or without makeup. New subbie!!

  • Kaee
    Kaee 8 년 전

    I love you Jaclyn your a HUGE inspiration And role model to me! :)

  • Diana Zharmenova
    Diana Zharmenova 6 년 전

    Thank you Jaklyn these videos of yours are always super informative and awesome!!😊👍🙌

  • Courtney Saunders
    Courtney Saunders 8 년 전

    Thank you so much! I bought most of the products you mentioned such as Mac concealer and setting spray. My face used to look too powdery or cakey or flaky and dry and now it's beautiful dewy and full coverage. It's amazing. You have helped me so much!!! I will be a fan always and forever.

  • Anna Anthony
    Anna Anthony 8 년 전

    You're very thorough I love it!! I've learned a few techniques from you. Thank you!!

  • Charity Brielle Merrell

    I'm glad I found you! I'm transgender and your tutorials are about to change my life... Being totally honest, this isn't just makeup for me, it's taking it up a notch and I need this in my life... Thank you. #LGB(T)Q Support!

  • Samone Morris
    Samone Morris 4 년 전

    You are amazing. Such an inspiration I have a physical disability and I'm not very good at makeup but your videos inspire me and make me want to do better. Keep doing you

  • Elba Lopez
    Elba Lopez 8 년 전

    One of the best at what you do, thank you! At my age you think you know it all but I always learn something new from you. You inspire my love for the art of makeup.

  • Devia Eller
    Devia Eller 8 년 전

    Love it! You make it look so easy, thanks.

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K 3 년 전 +14

    I did a speech on how to do makeup and got an A.
    However, my professor wrote this, “You put on concealer after foundation really?”
    I looked up this video to see if I did mess up since I never used concealer before. The girl in the video does it like I did and it looks really good.
    Love your makeup.

  • Ashley Fisher
    Ashley Fisher 7 년 전

    I just want to thank you for posting your videos they have been so helpful and inspiring, I'm 24 years old I was never thought a thing about make up but after watching your videos and trying your techniques, I now look flawless, so I thank you :-)

  • Elise Bernthal
    Elise Bernthal 8 년 전

    I just stumbled across one of your videos tonight and I started watching a bunch of them ! I wanted to say that you are absolutely gorgeous with and without makeup and you are hilarious (: I look forward to watching more of your videos! Thanks for so many great ideas !

  • Leka Three
    Leka Three 8 년 전

    you keep on doing what you are born to do! your makeup videos are so educational and inspiring!

  • kenyah1816
    kenyah1816 8 년 전

    I love this! I think your very easy to follow. Thank you for teaching and sharing.

  • Trevor Fenlon
    Trevor Fenlon 6 년 전 +49

    thanks m8! , I'm a guy, and I have acne, this video helped me clear my face massively. People have been commenting on how my face looks!

    • matthew bourke
      matthew bourke 4 년 전 +1

      Blend blend blend! And find the right shade and develop a good skincare routine

    • Emopro Burrito
      Emopro Burrito 5 년 전 +3

      Trevetrev Balboa dude do u have any tips for a fellow dude?

  • Mikayla Erica
    Mikayla Erica 9 년 전

    i cant blend my foundation in that well

  • blueskinneyjeans
    blueskinneyjeans 9 년 전

    I love how you do your videos I learned a lot from you in this video where other beauty gurus just say what they do for their foundation routine

  • jessica nonyabusiness

    Your amazing! I love how you share your wonderful tips!!! Very informative video! Thanks

  • Marie Welch
    Marie Welch 8 년 전

    AHH your skin is freakishly amazing! You look gorgeous all natural ..great videos!

  • Elizabeth Castellanos
    Elizabeth Castellanos 6 년 전 +5

    Can you make a new/updated version of this, and possibly cover your must have brushes, and skin care routine?

  • cntrygirl974
    cntrygirl974 9 년 전

    You always look sooo flawless!!!

  • Maria 2015
    Maria 2015 5 년 전 +1

    You don't need foundation!!! you have perfect skin!!!!

  • Tawni Nyquist
    Tawni Nyquist 9 년 전

    Your skin is perfect without makeup! So jealous! You're beautiful!

  • Tabatha D.
    Tabatha D. 8 년 전

    Awesome video, thank you for the great tips!

  • chandley sargent
    chandley sargent 6 년 전 +51

    How the hell are you people still finding time to comment on a video 3 years old about her foundation not being the right color? OMG. She worked at MAC y'all, she knew what color she was. Lighting plays a huge role in making videos. Just like when your makeup looks bomb af in your room but rough af in the car. Go watch her more recent videos for better quality. also, stop by her video a few months old targeted towards the negative BS that is continuously stirred up. I don't see any of us as far up in the beauty industry as she is, keep that in mind.

  • Robyn Dalton helpful tips for fun

    you are so good at doing your makeup and I wish you could do my makeup sometime and I enjoy watching these kind of videos because it helps me out to do contour on my skin and I can't wait to see more videos like this and keep up the wonderful work on your videos

  • Daniele Westdyke
    Daniele Westdyke 6 년 전

    Wow great tip about doing eyes first then foundation/concealer, set then brows! Good to the point step by step video. Thank you.

  • Vicky Smith
    Vicky Smith 8 년 전

    I love these tutorials I have seen all jaclyns videos over and over again but would love her to do a video on which foundations suit different skin types especially mac please please please! X

  • Abby Schooley
    Abby Schooley 8 년 전

    You are really good at explaining why you do each step. Glad I found your videos!

  • Lila Knotwise
    Lila Knotwise 8 년 전 +7

    I'm in my 40s and have a couple of lines under my eyes and whenever I put my concealer, it creases. Should I use a primer or do you have any special tricks so it doesn't get in the crease?

    • Mari Lopez
      Mari Lopez 3 년 전

      Same thing here. I have bags and very dark Puerto Rican circles it sucks

  • Nikatronixx
    Nikatronixx 8 년 전

    You look so pretty with and without makeup :)

  • Natalia Molinas
    Natalia Molinas 8 년 전

    OMGG you are so beautiful without foundation! do not use it any more! you got a flawless skin! but i liked very much your explanation!

  • saimayukii
    saimayukii 8 년 전

    i love the way you did your eyeliner ! can you do a tutorial for it?(:

  • Mags89
    Mags89 8 년 전

    Your skin looks great without foundation!

  • Meghna Choudhury
    Meghna Choudhury 7 년 전 +3

    Whenever I apply my foundation it seems dry and cakey.
    I always exfoliate before putting on makeup and then moisturize properly, then apply the foundation, followed by a concealer and a face powder.
    However no matter what I do its always dry and cakey and looks fake. Ive tried different products but MAC Studio fix fluid is the thing that suits me best in terms of foundation. Sometimes I just want to give up on putting makeup

    • alize0623
      alize0623 7 년 전

      The powder makes you dry.

    • Natasha Yiengst
      Natasha Yiengst 7 년 전

      Try proactive plus moisturizer it works wonders for me and lasts doesn't dry and leave you dry again also loreal oil it's in a gold bottle I forget the name

    • mitchie 20
      mitchie 20 7 년 전

      I use to have that problem too. Then I bought the beauty blender , you can search it up online. I think it helps with that because you wet it first before you use it, and so it kind of adds moisture to your foundation .

    • Adriana Anzelino
      Adriana Anzelino 7 년 전

      this is pretty late I know but have you tried primers? I had the same problem as you. I use the Hourglass mineral veil primer and it basically acts like a cushion between dry patches and the foundation it's GREAT. it's pretty expensive and it's sold at sephora but it is so worth its price

  • Lisan Rodz
    Lisan Rodz 8 년 전

    Love your tutorials! You took me step by step..

  • lauren s.
    lauren s. 9 년 전

    Just ordered my first Sigma brush, thanks to you! Can't wait for it to get here!!!

  • musicalodyssey00
    musicalodyssey00 8 년 전

    Gotta say, you looked amazing at the beginning of this video (pre-foundation). You glowed and looked natural and gorgeous. Your foundation adds a shade of yellow to your skin that makes you look plastic. You would look the best with either light mineral or no foundation at all IMO. I love your eyeshadow tutorials though.

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson 7 년 전 +4

    Omgg I want your eyes! They're sooo freaking perfect!!! ♥♥♥

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    Caity H 8 년 전

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    Jue Juan 9 년 전

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    Rollingrockrae 9 년 전

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  • riannon romaine
    riannon romaine 7 년 전

    your eyeliner is PERFECT!! can u do a tutorial on it or is there a video where you show us how you make it so perfect?

  • Mirra D
    Mirra D 8 년 전 +3

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    Eri_Games 8 년 전

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    Financefluencer 9 년 전

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    25demarzo2929 8 년 전

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    Iram Yunus 8 년 전 +2

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  • Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez 8 년 전 +5

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  • Aidyn Hooley
    Aidyn Hooley 8 년 전

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    EL3FUNT 8 년 전 +2

    Just wanted to let you know I just subscribed because you are literally the first person I have watched that made eyebrows and contouring make complete sense, and not scary. thank you!

  • Tia Settanni
    Tia Settanni 8 년 전

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  • Paula Cronic
    Paula Cronic 8 년 전

    Thank you so much for posting this! I always wondered why I hated my make up after I bought it but now I know I was being matched with the wrong tones! I even had a mac make up artist give me a potted concealer for my under eye area that was too dark! I finally know now thanks to you what colors I should be wearing (we haw very similar skin tone. Thanks again! I'll be watching lots of your videos and following lots of your tips and trying lots of the products you suggest!!!

  • Cows are cute
    Cows are cute 8 년 전 +4

    You said "hot winter months" made me laugh.
    But you are so beautiful!! Keep making videos! Subscribed for sure! 😊

  • Panna A
    Panna A 8 년 전

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    Charley Rose 9 년 전

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  • DarlNcarl
    DarlNcarl 8 년 전 +2


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    Claudia Herrera 9 년 전

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    Lisa Pizzi-Derasmo 7 년 전 +6

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  • youtubebunny
    youtubebunny 7 년 전 +2

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    Sommer Deaton 년 전

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    BooRadleyTube 8 년 전

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    Tayloraesimmons 8 년 전 +1

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    Kara 6 년 전 +3

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  • Stephanie M Whatmore

    Congratulations Jaclyn on your upcoming 2,000.000 subscriber's it will be there for you real soon
    like you always say Amazingballs and congratulations one of your millions friends out there
    and on KRclip you deserve everything bless you always and your family

  • Lisa Rasbuary
    Lisa Rasbuary 8 년 전

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    Stéphanie P 9 년 전

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    Sadie Alexis 2 년 전 +6

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    Tessa Alexandra 8 년 전

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    Lana H 8 년 전

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    Hannah Ita 8 년 전

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  • Roxanne Beeston
    Roxanne Beeston 8 년 전

    This is so perfect and helpful... I've been using strictly concealer and powder, but noticed my color was very off. I have to look into the product you used first going forward

  • Dubbl3Rainbows
    Dubbl3Rainbows 7 년 전 +176

    At the beginning of the video I legit thought she had face makeup already on. I was like why she putting foundation over her foundation.... cx