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  • Julia Schanbacher
    Julia Schanbacher 2 년 전 +675

    This beauty community has turned into such a joke. Bring back the down to earth makeup artists who will demonstrate a classic smokey eye in front of a mid-grade camera!

    • TM
      TM 2 년 전

      Meow Rchl I don't think so. She stands up for what she believes in! She's so real

    • Kari Henry
      Kari Henry 2 년 전 +1


    • Fafa Lala
      Fafa Lala 2 년 전 +1

      except no one watches that kind of content anymore. and before you give me the “but we do!” bullshit- you don’t. those creators pale with viewers in comparison to what these larger influencers do

  • madison guidry
    madison guidry 2 년 전 +10

    From learning my first wing liner over a decade ago to learning how to deal with failing in life but learning to get the fuck back up. I admire you everyday and aim to have the same mindset as you. You got this Jac, the real ones are still here supporting 💛

  • Christine Cook
    Christine Cook 2 년 전 +5

    I love you Jaclyn, you’ll always have my support. Obviously this experience was a huge lesson learned and I can almost guarantee in the future it won’t happen again! I can’t even imagine what these passed couple months have been like for you but your real ones are still down for you! ❤️❤️❤️

  • TheTruth and TheLife
    TheTruth and TheLife 2 년 전 +9

    Hey Jaclyn, I'm watching this video fo the second time and i really wanted to repost my comment from before. I hope you see this and it helps you understand how much this failure is actually a blessing. I respect you for bringing up how personal change is what needed to happen. I don't want to hurt anyone by saying this but I believe this was a humbling experience for you and it was needed. I'm praying for you and I know that God has something even more amazing in store for you. Keep faith, and stay humble!
    My last comment...
    -Hey girl.. SO, I want to be 100% honest and just give you the REAL about this situation. I started watching you back when you were worried about the lighting in kitchen when you filmed before going to work @MAC. Before beauty blenders there was Kabuki foundation brushes! Before Nars radiant creamy concealer there was MAC pro! I learned how to, not only do makeup from you, but how to be a humble and thankful Christian, who has OVERCOME depression and anxiety! You inspired me to take my craft to the next level and now I'm doing consultant work with I go to school for my bachelor degree. I stopped watching your channel about three years ago because I felt like you were changing. Change can always be good, and necessary, but I felt like you were changing to accommodate other influencers and business partners instead of benefiting Jaclyn. I began watching again because I saw that you and Jon were getting divorced. As a viewer and someone who has personally followed you guys social media from the start, it was heart breaking. I did not purchase any lip sticks, but today I stumbled across Spill's video and I am just ​appalled. You helped change the makeup game and I think part of the responsibility that comes with that means making products that surpass what we would normally find at sephora. Between batch codes, dates, fibers, and Marlena, I'm shocked. Shocked by attacks from influencers and consumers alike, firstly. Secondly, by the accusations against the products themselves. We want honest truth, and more importantly we want makeup from you that is the same quality as what we pay for. Screw the damage control. Mistakes happen. I think people want a better understanding of what occurred, because the last video only addresses certain issues. Own it, lift your head high and move on. I want you to know that those of us who have watched you from the start, the very beginning, will always buy a product that has a Jaclyn/J.H. Label. Remind yourself that this product launch is an open door for a comeback, and it's not a failure. It's growth.
    -Love you girl! You got this.
    We're waiting for the Jaclyn Products that are up to quality from the girl who taught us Giorgio Armani was the quality we should shoot for in makeup!

  • Siobhan Brown
    Siobhan Brown 2 년 전 +5

    I have only just come across Jaclyn and honestly I feel so sorry for her. She tried to do something to meet her dream and got so much shit. Poor woman! 💔 I think your amazing

  • Molly Godlewski
    Molly Godlewski 2 년 전 +1386

    “I was so confident to the point of cockiness.” The realest, most accountable thing you said. I appreciate that.

    • Molly Godlewski
      Molly Godlewski 2 년 전

      A ortiz Oh I remember... I got one of the bad vaults 😔 It does suck cause I still love the OG JH palette. 😕 Had so much faith in her.

    • A ortiz
      A ortiz 2 년 전

      IT SUCKS TOO. that was the only thing I really agreed w/ the video. do you remember how her vault failed and she was so upset about that ? she should have stopped with her MORPHE palette; that seemed to do well and product was great. its sad that we as consumers were so trusting but :( it happens.

    • Mario Luigi
      Mario Luigi 2 년 전 +6

      Then Karma came to snatch her wig right off, taking off everything underneath with it

    • Merrily Mari
      Merrily Mari 2 년 전 +1

      Molly Godlewski I agree

    • F D
      F D 2 년 전 +2

      Molly Godlewski that’s what happened to James Charles

  • Cassidy Morris
    Cassidy Morris 2 년 전 +2

    I love you! You’re such a good person. You’re a human and shit happens but what you do after is what counts. You got this. You’re going through this process and I can’t wait for what’s to come. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jessica Dooley
    Jessica Dooley 2 년 전 +2

    I’m so proud of you Jaclyn!

  • Princess Tv
    Princess Tv 2 년 전

    jaclyn please ignore everyone you’re amazing and i hope you understand that because no one should make you hide or feel any type of way I LOVE YOU JACKYN HILL NEVER FORGET THAT 💜💜💜💜

  • valancey christensen
    valancey christensen 2 년 전 +2

    She’s apologized things happen she’s apologized so many times and it happens all the time her lipsticks were still so beautiful. She refunded people. Her makeup pallets are beautiful mistakes happen she’s still so beautiful her makeup is still so beautiful I love it.

  • adri
    adri 2 년 전 +145

    🌷Time Stamps🌷
    0:00 - Intro
    0:10 - “I feel very uncomfortable”
    0:13 - Scared of her feelings
    0:39 - Mentions deleted social media
    1:12 - “This video might be the biggest mistake of my entire career” + a quote
    1:38 - starts talking about people who told her not to address anything
    1:58 - how important her relationship with her subscribers is
    3:38 - Thank you to the support and love
    4:10 - Influencers support with her
    5:08 - Being honest about herself
    5:24 - *Not doing the standard KRclipr apology video*
    5:43 - being terrified + crying and not wanting to be the victim
    6:53 - wants to get back to doing makeup tutorials
    7:03 - wanting her own cosmetics brand
    7:20 - brand/launch being a failure
    8:07 - not addressing the rumors
    8:48 - Apologizes
    10:23 - being grateful + learning experience
    10:48 - Insight to her brand
    11:00 - Why she left social media (☝🏻)
    11:36 - being a boss is hard
    13:00 - social media
    14:09 - moving on + how
    14:27 - *mentions NEW launch*
    15:46 - talking about KRclip + followers
    16:34 - about pre filmed vid before drama + wanting to post it soon
    17:20 - love for everyone and grateful
    17:29 - *PUBLIC APOLOGY to a girl on Twitter* + how she acted
    18:53 - back soon with more videos
    18:59 - Outro
    (this is my first time doing timestamps and it was so hard,,, for the people who wanted to know what she talked about in this video hope this helps you get a better video and find what you need)

    • adri
      adri 2 년 전 +1

      Melanie Mullins it took me so much time cause of how sidetracked she got sometimes lol so just skip to the parts you want is better! A summary of sorts for this mess!! Oh, and thank you!

    • adri
      adri 2 년 전 +1

      Allyson Wonderland hahaha I was dead making this 💀😂

    • adri
      adri 2 년 전 +1

      Michaela Rose thank you!! 🤧💖

    • adri
      adri 2 년 전 +1

      Avery Jack Black thank you so much🥰🌷💖

    • adri
      adri 2 년 전 +1

      jnnlis thank you!

  • MakeupbyAudrey13
    MakeupbyAudrey13 2 년 전 +3

    Keep moving forward girl! I love my lipsticks. I have to say I'm so sad to see how most comments on this video are negative. It's not productive at this point and makes me sad for the people posting them. Takes so much less energy to just click out of the video if you don't like it. I wish everyone would take a minute to actually consider what good comes from spreading negativity before actually posting a comment. Spread love and find positivity in everything. ☺️

  • Paola Lis
    Paola Lis 2 년 전

    loved you from the beginning, love you still. you’re an amazing person. you had an unfortunate situation but that does not define the person you are. if this happened to anyone else, i don’t think they would have done as much as you did & that says the kind of person you are. keep doing you. hate will always be there. why spread hate when you can spread kindness?

  • Maddison Lush
    Maddison Lush 2 년 전

    the fact that you even made this video in the first place, shows how good of a person you are to your core! no one is perfect, and by choosing this career, people hold you up to those standards. but you don’t have to pretend, we’re all human and make mistakes girl. the only difference between you and others is that the whole world is watching you! it’s a lot easier to judge from a viewer standpoint! what matter is that you’re trying! Keep pushing and enjoy the good times. I’m grateful for your videos and how open and vulnerable you are, it teaches us how to also be brave. Loved you since day 1! 🔥♥️

  • Brenton Stoker
    Brenton Stoker 2 년 전

    I’m glad that you are getting where you need to be. I was so excited to try your lipsticks but now maybe I’ll have the money to buy a few when there is a better launch. You go Jaclyn. You are working hard to make things right and you can tell.

  • LeylaCeyhan
    LeylaCeyhan 2 년 전 +251

    "There are so many rumours and I'm not going to address them" THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE WANT FROM YOU. JUST TELL THE TRUTH

    • True WERF
      True WERF 2 년 전

      Hahahaha look at the youtube drama here

    • Jammin Low
      Jammin Low 2 년 전 +5

      Mahwish Hameed give her time. She’s embarrassed. Everyone has a right to handle there situation the way THEY want. Not the way everyone else wants you to.

  • Margo
    Margo 2 년 전 +1

    I am so new to all this, this are actually the first times i see your videos, and i just want to say I support you♥️ and thank you for recording this videos to clarify things, it takes real courage to do so amongst every comment and plus all the feelings you must have.

  • Abby Thayer
    Abby Thayer 2 년 전

    All props to you Jaclyn for coming out and making this apology. You are awesome at what you do. Yeah so you had a bump in the road but i believe you will and are doing great things. Stay up! The ones that are for you will be here for you. We love you Jaclyn!!

  • de hecho Azucena
    de hecho Azucena 2 년 전

    So happy to see Jaclyn 2.0. Please start making those videos we all love to see you work your magic. I love every video of yours, so much that I've watched each one several x's over. Because you haven't made new one. There will always be hate ful rude people. Please come back to making magic.
    I'll be waiting to see you soon on your next video. Love, Love, Love you.

  • I am Victor
    I am Victor 2 년 전 +1

    Girl do you, if you're fouling this people you're getting your bag sis 💙 I support you fully sis , YOURE DOING GREAT HONEY

  • Katelyn-Rebecca
    Katelyn-Rebecca 2 년 전 +935

    Jaclyn I’m not trying to hate. I’m sure this has been difficult for you. But if you’re really gonna “come back” you NEED to address a few things.
    *1) Why did you refuse to issue a recall, even when everyone was urging you do to so?
    2) What is your take on Marlena’s accusations? Were you aware that the same lab had made failed products with her?
    3) Why did people have reactions/infections? Why did you continue to insist that the lipsticks were safe to use without addressing this?
    4) What are your thoughts on the lab results from your lipsticks that have come back testing positive for mold?
    5) Why were some of your documents in the previous video dated 2016?*
    Plainly put, you will not be able to rebuild the same trust you had with your subscribers if you never address these issues. Just a word of advice.

    • Deb M
      Deb M 2 년 전

      Greta Hunt k

    • Crystal Kerstal
      Crystal Kerstal 2 년 전

      Greta Hunt it’s crazy how a response like yours seems more professional than hers, and you’re not JH. I think that’s where the main problem stems from. She wants her supporters to forgive her, yet she fires the lab and workers. She’s saying it was her fault that things didn’t turn out the way they should have, but fires a lot of people for her carelessness?!?!? It seems like she’s the over dramatic individual in this situation. Bottom line, no one wants to hear what JH the KRclipr is going through in her personal life, everyone wants JH the owner of her company to address this whole disaster.

    • Lisa guadan
      Lisa guadan 2 년 전


    • Greta Hunt
      Greta Hunt 2 년 전 +7

      @𝖠𝗆𝖺𝗇𝖽𝖺 OMG so dramatic...
      If thousands of people had gotten infections form the lipsticks CDC would have gotten involved! The actual geniune cases of illness caused by the lipsticks is probably less than 10. Even if there were mold in the lipsticks, which from what I saw was not the case, it wouldn't have caused vomiting and diarrhoea unless it was something like black mold which again was definitely NOT the case!
      I'm sure there are consequences for a business to issue a recall on products and to do it unnecessarily as a brand new business is probably unwise.
      People are so reactionary these days and everybody just goes straight to being over dramatic about everything. Just stick to the facts, don't be so hyperbolic!

    • one day at a time
      one day at a time 2 년 전 +5

      One answer for all questions is: “I didn’t wanna get sued by acknowledging i fucked up.”

  • Bianca
    Bianca 2 년 전 +17

    Literally, EVERY collaboration you’ve done, or your own products you’ve been “such a perfectionist over and so apart of” have somehow gone completely array.. and each and every time you’ve never just taken responsibility you’ve always deflected and blamed every other person or thing for the issues. I’m sure this is embarrassing for you and difficult, but do the right thing and take responsibility. If you decide to embark on this road again, just recall the products and put an official statement out and call it a day.

  • Kat Rita Dimitriadis

    You're amazing, strong and I'm glad you've continued to keep doing youuuuu (:

  • Julia
    Julia 2 년 전

    Your so real and beautiful!! You make it easy for us all to relate to real life battles and normal stress because we are all humans! Love your beauty channel!! 💋

  • Kayla Kristyn
    Kayla Kristyn 2 년 전

    Jackylyn don’t give up! Without failure there is no success !! Things in life happen and sometimes we can’t control it we can only control how we respond and your doing a great job! Don’t quit !! Keep going !!

  • Sharon Velez
    Sharon Velez 2 년 전 +411

    It takes balls to admit a failure to one but to millions it hurts to admit and see you in this state. But own it,
    crush it and continue with what you love. God bless you Jaclyn. Wishing you nothing but the best xoxo

  • Lanna Howard
    Lanna Howard 2 년 전

    I utterly love how people instantly jump on the band wagon of "oh my god she's a shitty person, she's not a proper CEO, stop repeating yourself"
    Honestly .... people .... I'm so glad you all have perfect lives and never had to apologise or have feelings about anything at all. I applaud you all!!!
    Get a grip. She's human at the end of the day. Difference is her mistakes are seen by millions of people and all these trolls who have nothing better to so with there time other then belittle others!
    Keep going Jaclyn, your a babe! X

  • cpmelendez
    cpmelendez 2 년 전 +2

    Everybody fails, at some point, but not everyone stand up and keep going!!! You do that, girl!!!! Good luck and God bless you!

    SHIZZLE 2 년 전 +24

    And of course your relationship with ‘us’ is most important to you because KRclip pays the bills. We gotcha Jaclyn

  • Classic Beauty over 50

    Ladybug we care about you and know you would NEVER release product that is less than 100%! We understand you are devastated about everything that has happened with your product. Be strong Jaclyn, lean on the knowledge that we are here for you.

  • Lovely Crown
    Lovely Crown 2 년 전 +270

    Can we take a moment apart from this all to appreciate her makeup? Sis popped offfff
    Sending my love 💕💕
    Edit- I watched the full video and read some comments. And since I know that there are two sides to every story, I cannot say what she is saying is true or false but what I have seen leads me to belive that this was not a good way to go about things. You all can take this however Yall wanna take it. Just dont @ me.

    • Molly Manning
      Molly Manning 2 년 전

      Yes 💋💄

    • Jessie Boots
      Jessie Boots 2 년 전

      Lovely Crown seriously love it! I need to know the blush highlight and lip combo she’s got going on here !

    • Jennifer Delgado
      Jennifer Delgado 2 년 전 +1

      If only she woild do a tutorial on this look

    • Dustin Chaney
      Dustin Chaney 2 년 전


    • The Mango
      The Mango 2 년 전

      Sis always pops off with her makeup

  • BiebersBbygirrl
    BiebersBbygirrl 2 년 전

    Don’t listen to the haters Jaclyn, keep your crown high ❤️ I still love you

  • Sabrina TheGreat
    Sabrina TheGreat 2 년 전 +1

    I honestly feel like this is the most genuine I’ve seen you in a long long time... people’s comments aren’t wrong though. Come clean, address the problems, state the steps to rectify... I do think you are being realer here though and it has to be difficult, I wouldn’t have worn the watch, personally...

  • Lill Doll
    Lill Doll 2 년 전

    Love you for you jaclyn, you can get up again once you completely healed from these. Things happen..... you are just at the right place and keep building your empire .

  • MakeupbyChristianna
    MakeupbyChristianna 2 년 전 +1

    Your still one of the prettiest people and your still amazing!! Plus your eyes look amazing!! 😘😘

  • Mikayla
    Mikayla 2 년 전 +557

    I'd actually like that 2 hour long video where you explain everything. I think that would be pretty helpful. 🙃

    • 003
      003 2 년 전 +1

      Mikayla knowing Jaclyn, the chance of that happening is very slim..

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 2 년 전 +1

    I love you Jaclyn! I’ve missed you on Snapchat! You’re awesome! 💕

  • L.J. Smith
    L.J. Smith 년 전

    @jaclyn Hill. Your new liquid lipsticks are coming out in a few days. I wanted to leave a comment here to say; I dont know you and the likelihood we meet is a snowballs chance in Hell. Nevertheless, I came here to say I'm proud of you. This platform is brutal, a platform for people to just be people sure can't handle when a human being is a human being. We live in a world where no one is allowed to fail. For all the fierceness people have about humanity, when a person needs that the most, humanity is the last thing people give. I hope you look back at this and appreciate how far you have come now. Someone made a joke here about, "firing and hiring people but never leaving the house". The irony after this last year! It writes itself lol! You could have done a million things with this. You could have quit. But you didn't. We have gotten so used to this augmented, face tuned, "perfectionist culture" we believe that its real life. Mistakes are real life. Messing up and apologizing every time is real life. People stay in relationships with people who cheat and apologize and turn around to do it again. But dear God, this trucked up lipstick is whats gonna ruin their lives! The most real life thing I've seen on this platform is you trying again. This is beauty. Real beauty. This is what strong women do. This is the perseverance our daughters need to see: How to get back up after you've been kicked in the lady balls even in front of millions of people. Everyone loves a "success story" until they see what it actually takes to make it. But we need to see the messy. The fall. The battle. "The blood and guts" as it were. The come back. Jaclyn Hill, you've got grit! I know you did it right this time and I am excited for you. Signed- One very flawed human being to another.

  • Chante Te Kanawa
    Chante Te Kanawa 2 년 전

    I've been through the same serious emotions (if you will) which put me in a bad place. I feel for you boo, it must feel like the whole world against you. People need to realise theres hundreds and thousands of people bullying you and bringing you down. Imagine if this was "you" the public, the "normal" person. Jaclyn is human, she made a huge mistake, shes reacting how other would in this situation being in front of the world, put under this pressure and feeling guilty for what her products done and also torn for how her hard work "failed". Put yourself in her shoes, how would you ACTUALLY feel and react coz biiiiitch you ain't perfect either. Support you and love ya boo. Keep your head up and learn from your mistakes 💖💖💖

  • Sage Keebaugh
    Sage Keebaugh 2 년 전 +1

    I feel for her. I really do. I feel like I can relate to Jaclyn in a weird way, so I feel what she's trying to express and am sorry her launch failed

  • Emily Rolando
    Emily Rolando 2 년 전 +1324

    For the life of me I can’t understand why she would say she’s not addressing the “rumors” but the lipsticks being contaminated wasn’t a rumor those are facts.

    • Bernice Bravo
      Bernice Bravo 2 년 전 +1

      Hairy facts!

    • Stretford END DEVIL
      Stretford END DEVIL 2 년 전

      Nicole Norton she never said they were contaminated. If she said they were contaminated, she’s legally liable to issue a recall.

    • Ctrl Alt Del
      Ctrl Alt Del 2 년 전

      Is this the girl with the hair lipstick?

  • lil sunflower
    lil sunflower 2 년 전 +5

    Girl..... her true colors have been shown 100% at this point.
    “So many people have told me not to address anything let everything blow over”..... FIRST OF ALL who is her PR team? Second of all, she 100% had avoided everything that people wanna know. 😂😂😂

  • Rose Sun
    Rose Sun 2 년 전

    I can’t believe I just “catch up” with this “lipstick drama” now, because how much happened in my own personal life, I only watched this video now, with all tears in my eyes, just to imagine how much stress you had at that time and how brave you had to be to be in front of the camera...Jaclyn, you are such a great person, and I’m proud of you, you should be proud of yourself too, everybody makes mistakes, everyone does imperfections, after all, we are only human, you determined to right “your wrongs”, that’s the best action plan for your brand, and i have this feeling your brand will be so big in the future. Proud of you, girl 👍❤️

  • Tasty Cox
    Tasty Cox 2 년 전 +3

    Prove everyone wrong. But remember words are just words. Prove them wrong with your actions. Learn and rise above. It’s hard but I think you can do it. A strong woman picks herself up, fixes the problem, and moves forward with her head held high. Be confident, be humble, be honest, and keep smiling.

  • c h l o e l e n o i r

    I love that you were able to vent and express yourself to a community that is SO judgmental. I know it’s scary but you did a great job.

  • Heather Black
    Heather Black 2 년 전 +123

    But why is this the most beautiful I’ve ever seen Jaclyn 😩 She’s still a queen in my eyes!

  • Sinelly Gil
    Sinelly Gil 2 년 전

    I love you and you're a human being who didn't deserve this... even if everything was perfect, people still would have had something to say. Just keep going, you got this

  • holly hunns
    holly hunns 2 년 전 +1

    I truly support her and believe she will bounce back from this! Enough with the negativity, what happened was a lot to handle for anyone. It’s okay Jaclyn, you can overcome any obstacle! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • sparklesnpizzaz
    sparklesnpizzaz 2 년 전

    10 minutes in and I just have to say: I didn't buy the lipstick (just found your channel and I LOVE) but thank you for being vulnerable and apologizing because it's the right thing to do. AND, don't apologize for failing because almost every entrepreneur fails at least three times before finding "success"! Yes, it sucks to do it in front of so many people, but just think about how much you've learned and how much better it will be next time. You keep doing you girl, don't listen to the haters!! 😘

  • M V
    M V 2 년 전

    Wow. I just want to leave a positive comment amongst all these negative comments. Jaclyn, you do you. Haters will always hate so as long as you stay true to yourself, nothing else matters. ❤

  • rhiannon
    rhiannon 2 년 전 +121

    I couldn't imagine having millions and millions of people judging EVERY SINGLE BREATH I TAKE like ohh my goodness leave the girl alone, she's a person as well. Just because she makes KRclip videos as a living doesn't mean she isn't HUMAN.

  • Olga Aguilar
    Olga Aguilar 2 년 전 +2

    Part of being a boss or even a grown up, is finding solutions to problems and moving on. 💕

  • Lottie Fisher
    Lottie Fisher 2 년 전 +1

    Jaclyn. I have sent you a direct message on Instagram and would really appreciate you reading it. I cannot imagine how busy your life is but am reaching out in the faith it will reach you somehow ❤️

  • Shauny Bishop
    Shauny Bishop 2 년 전

    Jaclyn you are a real person with real feelings and going through REAL things like anxiety and depression so for everyone giving you grief for you coming on and making a video to expressing yourself and how you’re feeling.... fuck them! 🖕🏻You’re not a failure! You are only human and everyone makes mistakes! I truly believe you will pick yourself back up and come back stronger than ever 💪🏻I will forever love and support you so keep doing you and focus on you babe ❤️

  • Paris Molloy
    Paris Molloy 2 년 전 +1

    Out of all the “apology” videos that you’ve done, this one actually really does seem genuine. I hope you have learned from this, and that if you launch another product in the future, you take your time with every single step. You need to take advice from professionals and those who are extremely successful. Good luck in the future Jaclyn x

  • Anjana Karki
    Anjana Karki 2 년 전 +1381

    I miss when beauty community is about only beauty . No wonder our unbother queen michell left .

    • Mya Ramos
      Mya Ramos 2 년 전 +2

      Julia T girl I know she got work done but when did she start blackfishing? I’ve been a follower of hers for years and she has never blackfished.

    • Chickennugget Paytas
      Chickennugget Paytas 2 년 전

      non of also racist and toxic as hell 🙄

    • Andrew P
      Andrew P 2 년 전

      @Dixie Rae :)

    • Dixie Rae
      Dixie Rae 2 년 전

      @Andrew P I can't wait either Andrew. They have to realize that us drama fans especially in the beauty and drag communities have become very sophisticated about our tea and there's nothing worse then a cold c u p that's been sitting around for a couple weeks and has started to get moldy. LOL on a more serious note boo the hate starts and people become miserable when they get bored and it goes on for too long. I say pour it serve it piping hot and then let's move on. Take care.

    • ahhhsospice
      ahhhsospice 2 년 전 +1

      Check out Samantha Ravndahl she's amazing and doesn't partake in the drama

  • MissGRReen
    MissGRReen 2 년 전 +92

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    Jordan Fields 2 년 전 +1

    I believe she is very sincere about her apology, thank you very much Jaclyn! 💗💗💗

  • Isma Zin
    Isma Zin 2 년 전

    for those who said this is drama, totally not. coz when someone honestly tell they r too over confident and its fail, it really is. same goes to mine. i was too over confident to have my own makeup brand in malaysia and ive been betrayed and now down af. this is not joke. be understand guys.

  • Travel Tips by Laurie

    You make makeup fun to talk about...still. You’re so so so so talented at applying makeup. You can do it! Keep helping us.

  • Christopher
    Christopher 2 년 전 +688

    Let’s be honest, she’s not addressing the rumors because she doesn’t want to add to any potential legal liability. She doesn’t want to further deny anything that might later come out to be true.

    • Rikachoo
      Rikachoo 2 년 전

      Then she should say “we are investigating the rumors.” She gave us no reason to believe she knows what she’s doing. She’s clearly stretching this out as long as possible for attention, not to help fans.

    • Christopher
      Christopher 2 년 전

      I know the rumors are facts from our side. I’m just quoting what she says in the video, guys.

    • Susie Que
      Susie Que 2 년 전

      Christopher Huebner huh??? There not rumors there facts my friend lipstick 💄 had hair, own it and take responsibility, she WILL NEVER EVER PROSPER and this line will fail!

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      Kmb Floral 2 년 전 +1


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      Maynard's Spaceship 2 년 전 +7

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    charieM77 2 년 전 +1

    Good for you owning up👍🏻. One can’t be wiser without making mistakes on their own. So all you gotta do is learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, and do it better this time. “Fortuna audaces iuvat.” I wish you all the best on your business ventures and God bless😊.

  • ANicole L.
    ANicole L. 2 년 전

    Jaclyn, you are beautiful. Weight gain or weight loss. Saw your Instagram photos and what you wrote about your self esteem. You are gorgeous inside and out and although people constantly say things they shouldn’t, you have to just ignore them. Real women gain weight and lose weight and hear all about it from everyone. And it sucks.

  • Barb Schlieve
    Barb Schlieve 2 년 전 +3

    OK I'm going to be brutally honest, because honey, you need to hear this. Wow, I 've owned my own business for 33 years. Some day Jaclyn you are going to watch this (like in 10 years) and hopefully you will realize, this video was a mistake. Be concise, don't repeat yourself 30 plus times. I also find your broken english "you guys" unprofessional when you are trying to win back clients. I agree with the comments below, the first step is to apologize and own your mistakes. I've made many mistakes throughout the years,. #1 Apologize and be honest to the core. Your customers want to know what the hell happened. Perhaps you can't say or you'll get sued, that would really suck to be in someone's pocket that bad that you can't even tell everyone what the hell happened. Final conclusion: This video makes you look unstable no matter how pretty you appear, which you are. Get you ducks in order and get better. Don't use your past depression, your ex-husband/abuse as a crutch for sympathy. Get over it and honestly, the general public does not want to hear about it, we all have are own crap to deal with. Professionalism starts with being strong and never looking back at the things that dragged you down, BUT HEAVEN FORBID - learn from your mistakes.

  • Kylie Joeann
    Kylie Joeann 2 년 전

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    • SuburbaniteLife
      SuburbaniteLife 2 년 전 +2

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    • menoats
      menoats 2 년 전 +1

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    • Brennan Kaplan
      Brennan Kaplan 2 년 전 +1

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  • Estefani Castro
    Estefani Castro 년 전 +1

    the fact that the biggest message she wanted to share was "Thank you" instead of "I'm sorry" says everything.

  • M Dee
    M Dee 2 년 전 +148

    Everyone has already moved on, besides you. There are plenty of amazing brands who sell amazing products. No one is devastated by your lipsticks but you. If we want a nice quality product we will swing by Sephora and go get it. We don’t need yours

    • kirby
      kirby 2 년 전 +3

      M Dee she acting like our worlds collapsed, like sis ain’t that important.

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      Ikran Ali 2 년 전 +2

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    Kelsey Wartman 년 전 +1

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  • Maria
    Maria 2 년 전 +1030

    Jaclyn: i just wanna be open with you guys
    Also Jaclyn: i’m not here to address the problems or the rumours

    • monokaiser90
      monokaiser90 2 년 전


    • Illenial Lisette
      Illenial Lisette 2 년 전

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      Mo 2 년 전 +1

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  • Space Hog
    Space Hog 2 년 전 +7

    Jaclyn, I’ve loved you since day one. I always thought you were genuine, even when it wasn’t what people wanted to see which was: your success. But honestly this video seems like it is more for you than anyone else. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I really wish you would’ve got your thoughts together before making it. And for those saying she isn’t sorry and apologetic, y’all are so quick to jump on the hate wagon. You think you’re cool for cancelling everyone until it happens to YOU. These are fucking people. The only difference between you and them is the fact that their whole life is on display.
    Mistakes happen, move on.

  • tela etievant
    tela etievant 2 년 전

    couldn’t imagine what you went through. over a million people dragging you and hating you and starting rumors.. my prayers are with you. ignore the negative, ignore the ignorance. you are incredible and i appreciate this video. don’t stop. I love you Jaclyn 💗

  • Passion for beauty Ventura

    Wow jaclyn I am one of the people that enjoy your palettes I have yet tried your brushes wish I did but one day..but I'm so glad to see your videos I enjoy watching .I really do your so happy and sweet and funny and I can just imagine the load you had to go threw but I hope for best and awesome success for your life and career ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 xoxo @jaclynhill

  • Caroline Hedegaard
    Caroline Hedegaard 2 년 전 +3

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    Rachel Cusumano 2 년 전

    You have grown so much professionally, however we are ALL lifelong learners in every field as things are always evolving and changing. You face your problems and challenges with grace, tact and such wonderful honesty , it’s evident! I hope you continue delving forward in your success and keep your chin up dear Jaclyn.
    Warm regards from an intermittent follower who appreciates you.
    Xoxo Rachel

  • Hlompho Ramorakane
    Hlompho Ramorakane 2 년 전 +2

    I mean this whole video was just about you. Like how you’re the victim in all this. When I first saw your videos in 2013, I never thought I’d feel this way about you today. Every time I comment on your video I always have one thing to say. Be humble Jaclyn. Even in this video you’re still overconfident.

  • Alejandra Magdaleno

    Hey girl, keep your head up. People love to judge others but don’t worry, everything gets better with time. I support you 100% and admire you!

  • laniwhee
    laniwhee 2 년 전 +1390

    What this SHOULD have been:
    1. I apologise to all of my customers, viewers, and followers for letting you down, for cutting off communication, for not taking your concerns seriously, and for not taking responsibility from the start like I should have.
    2. This what happened: ______________
    3. These are the steps I have taken to rectify the situation and make sure it never happens again: ____________________
    What this video WAS:
    Poor me....My depression, my anxiety...Not going to talk about it...My company....I'm a CEO.... Confidential, none of your business....I have a new launch coming.

    • Jesslyn Supangat
      Jesslyn Supangat 2 년 전


    • Brody Dartez
      Brody Dartez 2 년 전

      Lunar Eclipse ok bye hope you learn to care for people who are suffering with depression. Tea sis

    • Brody Dartez
      Brody Dartez 2 년 전

      Lunar Eclipse the reason I keep talking about depression is that you don’t care about people who suffer from it. That’s the tea ☕️

    • Brody Dartez
      Brody Dartez 2 년 전

      Lunar Eclipse don’t tell me what to do. And it is a reason go up to someone with depression and tell them you don’t care. That’s what you are saying and that’s disgusting.

    • Brody Dartez
      Brody Dartez 2 년 전 +1

      Lunar Eclipse I agree with you about the lipsticks, but I think you just don’t care about her depression nor her anxiety. Which a lot of people suffer from. And for you to not care about that is disgusting and rude.

  • Ms Anonymous
    Ms Anonymous 2 년 전 +6

    Props!!! Keep going and never stop!

  • Sarah Al-humoud
    Sarah Al-humoud 년 전 +1

    You are an amazing person !

  • brooke cordero
    brooke cordero 2 년 전 +6

    I recall when Kylie first introduced her lip kits there was alot of backlash about the quality of her product. Look at her product now it's made her a billionaire. Trial and error babe. We don't grow if we haven't failed in some aspects in life❤️

  • Kate Bowman
    Kate Bowman 2 년 전 +723

    Jaclyn’s just so different now. She doesn’t even look like the same person. I couldn’t even make it through half of this video.. all she did was repeat herself over and over again. “Me, me, me, I, I, me, I, me..”

    • Megan O
      Megan O 년 전

      It’s literally a video about where she’s been and how she’s doing.
      With followers like you, who needs anxiety?

    • PinkGattixx
      PinkGattixx 2 년 전


    • Selma Khalouani
      Selma Khalouani 2 년 전 +1

      let me remind you that the video is called "where i've been" , she's talking about her feelings

    • Olivia Noelle Prince
      Olivia Noelle Prince 2 년 전 +5

      Kate Bowman I understand but maybe a little empathy for what she’s going through. I’m sure she feels the world hates her and no one deserves that. Especially over freaking makeup at the end up the day.

  • Tman
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    Me: goes straight to the comments!

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    Malanis 2 년 전

    "My first launch was a fail, but I gotta keep going, I gotta keep trying. I can't just fall off the horse and lay there, let the horse kick me all over the place. I gotta get back up, I gotta try." This is so inspiring. You'll pull it off next time, I'm sure. Best of luck and success.

  • Sara Spears
    Sara Spears 2 년 전

    Baby girl, you are entirely allowed to feel how you feel!! Allow yourself to feel it and heal. I am writing this comment before you even get into the deep stuff. I can feel the pain in your eyes. Please know that we love you for you, emotions and all!

  • Brie Moudden
    Brie Moudden 2 년 전

    Jaclyn, I’ve been watching you for years and years now. You are part of what inspired me to be a makeup artist. Your launch might have sucked, but I know me and many others know that you haven’t all around failed. You have so much more ahead of you. Don’t take anything anyone says personal. Move on and be stronger from it. Much love xoxo 💋

  • Nadine Grenadine
    Nadine Grenadine 2 년 전 +1

    I really loved her! She was my favourite person on yt. But all that is crazy. She‘s telling nothing! Shit happens but please take full responsibility for it and be honestly sorry for what YOU did. People can forgive but this is shit. We‘re definitely seeing a different jaclyn right now. And I really don‘t like to see her like this...

  • Renee Carter
    Renee Carter 2 년 전 +462

    Jaclyn: I’m really not embarrassed
    Also Jaclyn: I’m humiliated and so embarrassed 😂😂😂

    • Renee Carter
      Renee Carter 2 년 전 +1

      Hajar Hasan all it is, is empty words and if you can’t see... you will

    • Renee Carter
      Renee Carter 2 년 전 +1

      Nik P exactly!!!!! She didn’t even talk about what went wrong all she said was firing and hiring people. Not once did she address a situation except the girl she blew up on Twitter about nothing else was said

    • sarah
      sarah 2 년 전 +3

      this is just one big contradiction in a video

    • Nik P
      Nik P 2 년 전 +4

      Hajar Hasan just what exactly are people hating on?

    • J Diamond
      J Diamond 2 년 전 +5

      Hajar Hasan ummm no sis is embarrassed because people called her out and know she’s hiding behind the victim card

  • Lo Ko
    Lo Ko 2 년 전

    Jaclyn, you need a new head of your PR team. As a CEO, as a boss, idc how you got your fans.... you. Need. Someone. To. Script. These. For. You.

  •  Makeup_lover_clarissaw

    Jaclyn u haven’t failed hun every single thing in life can be a learning curve. Not everything in life runs smoothly & the way we would like it too. Don’t beat yourself up. Pick they makeup brushes up & get that camera out and make more of they tutorials that you are so great at doing. Good luck & I will continue to support u all the way from Scotland, United Kingdom

  • Wh o
    Wh o 2 년 전

    Hey Jacklyn. I never commented on any of your videos so far but I feel like I should be balancing out the hate. I believe that many underestimate the amount of work that goes into a business and that everything that can go wrong will go wrong, especially for a start up. It`s good to keep fighting and keep your faith if you are fighting for the right thing. Just keep working hard, do your market research and look into any new technology or trend that might help you out and you will achieve your goals. It`s difficult as it is so it`s a shame that some people are just making it even harder for you but that`s life. Nothing worth fighting for comes easy so good luck and looking forward to your new products.

  • Mitchell Stevens
    Mitchell Stevens 2 년 전

    I don’t usually comment on KRclip videos but looking through all these comments I am so disheartened. I can o my imagine how Jaclyn feels. She is a real person with real feelings and the fact that people can comment nasty things about a HUMAN BEING just blows my mind. She is allowed to speak her truth, and shouldn’t be criticized for it. I have always been a ride or die Jaclyn fan and will be forever. She is so genuine and down to earth, yes she made a couple mistakes but that for one second doesn’t change my mind about her character and who she is. And tbh I am still waiting for her to drop some highlighters so I can spend all my money I have on them. I love you Jaclyn and am sending prayers through this trying time. You’re so unbelievably strong and this will only make you stronger. Rise above the hate and know you are loved!!!

  • Isabel H
    Isabel H 2 년 전 +1400

    This was me in high school when they told us the presentation had to be at least 5 minutes and I only had 2 minutes worth of information

    • B
      B 2 년 전

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    Audrey's Fille 2 년 전

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