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My Morning Routine | Jaclyn Hill

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  • 게시일 2014. 05. 18.
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    I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching :))
    It's important to make your own morning routine. They'll only work if they are about you and your personality. Getting in a routine will help you be more productive during the day. I want to hear about your morning routine! Comment down below what has worked for you!
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    Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on KRclip. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.
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  • Mandy Maykeup
    Mandy Maykeup 년 전 +445

    Just randomly watching this six years later and it’s so weird how it feels like watching an entirely different person.

    • Glynis Marthinussen
      Glynis Marthinussen 3 개월 전

      Soo true

    • Queenprel
      Queenprel 4 개월 전

      Omg yes I was thinking the same thing

    • Jess Rabbit
      Jess Rabbit 4 개월 전 +3

      Agree. I feel like the current Jaclyn would just pay someone to walk her dog because she hates to move her body now

    • Nikki Bailey
      Nikki Bailey 년 전 +10

      It came up in my feed lol I just watched her most recent video last week and it’s definitely like two different people 😂

    • LitLifeWithLauren
      LitLifeWithLauren 년 전 +5


  • Christina Baker
    Christina Baker 3 년 전 +699

    This is the Jaclyn that made me fall in love with her channel. Her content felt very real, her makeup was GORGEOUS and definitely wearable for the average Jane, and she just seemed so so happy and goofy. I wish she’d make a shift back to more videos like this.

    • Mai Le
      Mai Le 년 전 +4

      I think she kind of having bumpy road since she divorced her husband...

    • wave leopard
      wave leopard 2 년 전 +3

      @Eddie Gluskin agreed. I can't even imagine the anxiety I would feel if I were Jaclyn.

    • Eddie Gluskin
      Eddie Gluskin 2 년 전 +14

      @Blane the extremist toxic beauty "community" cancele culture is why all of our once favorite influencers seem different or "distant" because they can't even be themselves or do anything without outrage and cancel tweets coming for them and threatening them. I honestly in 2020 feel so horrible and bad for pretty much all these influencers these days.... :'(

    • Blane
      Blane 2 년 전 +12

      Christina Baker me too she isn’t relatable anymore. She is soooo different. Idk what happened

  • Daniela Abreu
    Daniela Abreu 2 년 전 +122

    Missing the times beauty gurus were like this, more simple... not so extra... more concerned about makeup and explaining all simple and nice 👍

  • Jenna Blue
    Jenna Blue 2 년 전 +81

    I wish she could see how beautiful she is like this, without the fillers. She looks so so much younger here, like if she was 20 years younger.

    • Kendra Willis
      Kendra Willis 2 년 전

      C C she said she has gained like 40 lbs since her divorce, she drinks wine and it makes her face super puffy and ofc yes the fillers lol

    • hfm16
      hfm16 2 년 전 +4

      Girls always think they are going to look better with bigger lips and fillers, and they NEVER do! NEVER! I don't know when we will learn. I miss her hair like this and her personality too. She was so much cuter back then (personality-wise). Now she's very aggressive towards people. It sucks!

    • C C
      C C 2 년 전 +4

      Is that why she looks so puffy? I was wondering why she looks soooooo different!

  • Glynis Marthinussen
    Glynis Marthinussen 3 개월 전 +4

    How does this video come recommended 7 years later… how I miss this Jaclyn so full of life and energetic ❤️

    • Jenn A.
      Jenn A. 3 개월 전 +2

      It was just recommended to me too

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 4 년 전 +98

    Watching in 2017 and damn seriously this was my favorite Jaclyn stage. I miss the long red hair and I feel like her personality was so much lighter and happier

  • Coco Chanel
    Coco Chanel 년 전 +21

    Loved Jaclyn then, love her now. I see her as the same, not sure why people freak about her personality. I think she was more cautious, young, and honestly not as happy back then. She was doing her best with the choices she made for her life, and lived it to the fullest. Now she’s in a new chapter, or maybe a whole new book. But people, it’s still Jaclyn Hill! Come on.

  • A R
    A R 3 년 전 +57

    Miss this simple, relatable Jaclyn. I wish she didn’t feel she had to change her appearance. I hope deep down she felt pretty and that all these fillers and changes were just her way of improving herself even more and not because she felt bad about herself. Anyway, I love these simple videos, she felt like one of your girlfriend and best friends. Now it feels she’s forgotten her roots. People change, I believe she’s become someone completely different and high maintenance. I’m happy she has money and is able to buy whatever she wants but I wish it didn’t change her as much as it has.

  • Julia Koep
    Julia Koep 8 년 전 +36

    Can we just talk about how you just don't need any fuckin make up
    look at how gorgeous you are without it wtf D:

  • Shawna Snow
    Shawna Snow 5 년 전 +639

    Jaclyn you should do a updated video for this one.

  • Felicia C.
    Felicia C. 3 년 전 +21

    What a difference 4 years make. How naturally pretty and down to Earth she was then.

  • Sam Hunter
    Sam Hunter 5 년 전 +8

    I've seriously watched this video 10 times..... it's my favorite video for some reason haha! Can you do a updated morning routine?!?! Please!!

  • Cynthia Hernandez BA
    Cynthia Hernandez BA 3 년 전 +114

    Awww I miss when her face looked like this she was so beautiful

  • Heidi Moustafa
    Heidi Moustafa 8 년 전 +5

    LOVED this video! i just want to cuddle with Georgie, most adorable little baby

  • cindy
    cindy 2 년 전 +383

    Ended up here after #lipstickgate2019
    Nice to remember a simpler time.

  • Shawnaburrx3
    Shawnaburrx3 4 년 전 +6

    I love all of Jaclyn's looks, but her red hair was my fav 😍 One day I'll get the courage to go red lol

  • Natacha Mikkelsen
    Natacha Mikkelsen 4 개월 전 +1

    Sooo fun to rewatch this 7 years later! Like Jaclyn was such a baby, everything was MAC, the makeup geek eyeshadows in the Z palettes, the Jaclyn with no nails?!?! I was like “Was there ever a time she didn’t have long nails?? Wasn’t she born with them??”

  • fanny Blackaller
    fanny Blackaller 2 년 전 +30

    She looked so different and more emotionally stable. Hope she will feel better soon

  • Antonnette
    Antonnette 8 년 전 +283

    Took the words outta my mouth "damn Jackie got bootay" LOL

    • Keiko F
      Keiko F 년 전 +1

      Damn I was randomly scrolling down to read comments and read this at the same time she said it in the video 😂

    • Vlog kid
      Vlog kid 8 년 전 +1

      Same thoughts lol

    • Jihyo Chuu
      Jihyo Chuu 8 년 전 +3

      Lol likewise I was like girl got a bootay on her!

  • Fátima Glez
    Fátima Glez 4 년 전 +241

    She was such a natural beauty 😫

    • Julie
      Julie 2 년 전 +3

      @MyOwnCreationZ She still looks beautiful in my opinion but the reason behind her new changes is her being depressed with being bullied and drinking alcohol to cope (made her bloated). I feel so bad for her, I hope she feels better soon

    • MyOwnCreationZ
      MyOwnCreationZ 2 년 전 +1

      What happened to her ?
      I am so curious
      All I think she looks cute nw
      Plz let me know

  • Tammy Young
    Tammy Young 3 년 전 +2

    THIS is the Jaclyn I fell in love with. Her whole look...the red hair and NO fillers...just sweet n simple!!!! 😏

  • girl3262
    girl3262 5 년 전 +1

    I love this so much Jaclyn :) I've watched this video so many times. Your relationship with Jon is so precious and inspiring. I admire you so much. Your videos make me so happy and i have so much respect for you. Xoxo I hope to meet you one day because I feel like your one of my friends :)

  • zena nesbit
    zena nesbit 2 년 전 +2

    She's sooo pretty here and i wish i had seen her channel when she was like this but i think she's gorgeous no matter what ❤ and i can tell she's strong and God fearing and I know she's gonna push through this; she needs some time away from the media and the drama. I'll be here waiting until she returns. ☺

  • roxy72
    roxy72 8 년 전 +289

    These 'morning routine' videos from people without traditional full time jobs are so foreign to me. Sleeping in? Playing on the computer and phone every morning, and spending lots of time applying makeup and doing hair? It's like we live in different worlds. I guess that's part of what makes this so interesting. :)

    • Kayla Carroll
      Kayla Carroll 2 년 전

      @Joanna Symonds , what joy asked, id like to know too !😮

    • Starlight Whispers
      Starlight Whispers 2 년 전

      Just imagine the camera set-ups and the effort it must have taken.

    • Joy Redmond
      Joy Redmond 3 년 전 +2

      Candie Cupcakes So after having your twins, do you still get up every morning to do hair and makeup? I have definitely slacked off in that area since my daughter was born.

    • Lindsay E
      Lindsay E 7 년 전 +1

      @Michelle Cooke Exactly! I have a full time job that has generally a 1.4 hour commute and I have time to sir have my breakfast and coffee and check my emails/social media then be at work promptly by 8:00. How do ask?? By MAKING the time. It's not easy and some mornings I try to sleep a little more but I make sure to wake up no later than 5:10 am. That way I have time to start the morning relaxed. Yes, Jacklyn has a life of luxury but she's earned it. KRclip is her job, she works hard just like the rest of us. You can always make time if you're willing to put in the work. I'm not going to life by saying some mornings it's really difficult but I want to look good. I feel better when I'm put together abs take my time. But I'm also a morning person so I'm sure that helps lol

    • Armaan Aujla
      Armaan Aujla 8 년 전 +4

      You all relax. She works from home. KRclip is her full time Job.

  • Stephanie Agudelo
    Stephanie Agudelo 5 년 전 +6

    She looks absolutely gorgeous without makeup. Goals right there

  • Mady Chapdelaine
    Mady Chapdelaine 3 년 전 +931

    Jaclyn doesn’t even look like herself anymore I’m shook wow

    • Hailey Fisher
      Hailey Fisher 년 전 +7

      She was 23 here and she is 30 now. Getting older makes you change! She gained weight and that is okay! This was a different time!

    • Sarah Ciecierski
      Sarah Ciecierski 년 전

      No she doesn’t at all

    • Katelyn
      Katelyn 년 전 +8

      True! She gained a few million dollars and lost a drug addict husband... change is good girl

  • Jessie Brandow
    Jessie Brandow 4 년 전 +1

    Honestly wow, look how far you've come Jaclyn. I live for this ❤️ some things never change

  • Ashe
    Ashe 3 년 전 +25

    I dont know how but this made me believe in her. I thought she was so talented and fun and I just can't get over what a sucker I was.

  • amynicolaox
    amynicolaox 8 년 전 +4

    Loved this, such cute editing! I'd love it if you included where your outfit (top) is from!

  • Christina Barna
    Christina Barna 5 년 전

    This is still one of my all time favorite videos Jaclyn has made. So relaxed and personal! Do more like these please!

  • A S
    A S 4 년 전 +3

    This breaks my heart. I hope she finds true happiness eventually... and hopefully sooner than later. Such a beautiful couple with beautiful times coming to an end. They were young and made it work for SO long. She’s such a good woman. He was genuinely so lucky to have her and just threw it away. Here’s to her next lasting an eternity🥂love you girl

  • Hailey Distefano
    Hailey Distefano 3 년 전

    I love the Jaclyn that we have now but I also miss this Jaclyn and I would totally love to see another morning routine from her now!!

  • Sky Beagle
    Sky Beagle 6 년 전

    would love to see an updated routine! and a nighttime one as well. Also so glad at how much you have grown! Your voice overs are so much more natural now and really capture your personality. Much love! 😘

  • Stephanie Ramsey
    Stephanie Ramsey 8 년 전 +29

    This video is amazing. So nice to see you with your man. You guys are so cute together! More videos like this need to go up and a tour is in order. I think we all like to see you this way.

  • Elizabeth Nanette
    Elizabeth Nanette 2 년 전 +2

    This was randomly recommended lmao. I looooved this video when it came out. Loved this hair on her!! Bittersweet to see her and John so happy and cute

  • Mrs. Emily Paints
    Mrs. Emily Paints 년 전 +1

    Jaclyn hill.. the reason why I started KRclip a long time ago lol I miss these type of videos, she used to motivate me so much 😩❤️

  • Lemonly Kay
    Lemonly Kay 4 년 전

    would love to see an updated morning/night routine. still love this video gives me motivation, you're so energetic lol

  • Renata Zuniga
    Renata Zuniga 4 개월 전 +1

    Can't believe I'm watching this omg how much time has gone by and how much she has evolved ❤

  • Neeta Philip
    Neeta Philip 6 년 전

    Watched it for the billionth time..!!
    I am like in tears to see how much u have grown but still remained so sweet and down to earth.
    I hope u read this Jaclyn, not because i want u to notice me, but to know that u have grown as a person and have increased the space and respect in my heart..!!
    I wish u all the success in ur life..!!

  • Silvia Flores
    Silvia Flores 년 전 +1

    Jaclyn, this was recommended to me today. You and the pups look like babies! ❤️

  • Zoe Deleur
    Zoe Deleur 년 전

    How is it that I watched this years ago and it's just come up as a recommendation after soooooooo long, we need a new morning routine if you're up for it Jaclyn x

  • Fishy WooWooh
    Fishy WooWooh 3 년 전 +2

    Jaclyn is so pretty with and without the makeup 😍

  • life like lorenz
    life like lorenz 8 년 전 +11

    This was probably the best morning routine video I have ever seen here on UTUBE!!!!! I am just literally obsessed with you Jaclyn. Fav by far. Nobody compares to you and how you make ur videos. Gosh I sound like a creeper but, I just love you. Lol

  • Angelica Vazquez
    Angelica Vazquez 2 년 전

    Jaclyn has been and will always be beautiful. People grow up, they change, they EVOLVE. Let her live, and if we’re all OG’s of the Jac Pack then we should support and love her through every step of her evolution, not tear her down. Love you, queen 🤍

  • Kiya Kiya
    Kiya Kiya 년 전 +9

    Jaclyn is so pretty when she remains WHITE instead of trying to look tan

  • Annabelle Elise
    Annabelle Elise 5 년 전

    This is one of my top FIVE fav vids of her, for real love her routine vids and I want more😭😭

  • Natasha Naidoo
    Natasha Naidoo 5 년 전 +1

    jaclyn I totally love all your make up totourials thanks for all your tips and tricks make up is so much more fun to do

  • Ritz
    Ritz 8 년 전 +16

    More videos like this! 😘😍😘

  • Jenny Aldrich
    Jenny Aldrich 2 년 전 +74

    She had less materialistly, but she seemed a lot happier then compared to now.

  • julia bott
    julia bott 4 년 전

    2017 still going back to watch this, look how far they've come ❤️

  • 6Lipstix
    6Lipstix 4 년 전 +1

    Would love an updated morning routine video!!! 😘

  • Daisy Garcia
    Daisy Garcia 6 년 전

    This is the first video I have watched of yours Jaclyn . I'm so proud of where you are now !

  • Angel Bagel
    Angel Bagel 8 년 전 +20

    Please do a night time routine pleaseeee

  • Insane Mkay
    Insane Mkay 년 전

    this was the first ever video that I've seen of her that made me fall in love with her. 6 years later and I still love it.

  • Nicole Wilson
    Nicole Wilson 3 년 전 +1

    I have seen so many other morning routine videos but nothing will be as satisfying or aesthetically pleasing as this one is.

  • zie
    zie 3 년 전 +3

    this was my very first jaclyn video i watched ❤️ so glad i found you !!

  • Khai Sawa
    Khai Sawa 4 년 전 +1

    OMG you are so beautiful in this video! The red hair, the natural lips! STUNNING!

  • Lindsay Bryant
    Lindsay Bryant 8 년 전 +10

    Please do night time routine!!! this one was awesome!

  • Hailey Marie
    Hailey Marie 5 년 전 +1

    Still my all time favorite from Jaclyn❤️

  • Kristy Valenzuela
    Kristy Valenzuela 5 년 전

    Yes a night timer video please 😁 I literally felt like I was their with you lol 😙💖

  • karenflrz
    karenflrz 6 년 전 +1

    Wow, it has been two years since this video... I come back to it from time to time... I love it

  • Maude Paquin
    Maude Paquin 5 년 전 +1

    OMG just rewatch this old video ! And its so inspiring to see you evoluate and grown up ! I think youre an amazing person even if I dont know you personnaly

  • sanduhrahh
    sanduhrahh 2 년 전 +30

    Watching this on my recommended without ever being subscribed or ever watching her channel. But i see the appeal of this Jaclyn. This is why her fans are so loyal. Not the Jaclyn who sold her soul.

  • Zoubida Talks
    Zoubida Talks 3 년 전 +9

    Maan, I feel so bad for both of them, I don’t know they seemed to be like the perfect couple :( a part of me keeps hoping that they would go back together! I’m too emotional when it comes to this, I just don’t like it when bad vibs are spread ! Guys you were amazing together 😭

  • Stephanie Padilla
    Stephanie Padilla 5 년 전 +1

    I'm watching this on 2016! You look incredibly gorgeous with your long hair, love u!

  • Sara Marks
    Sara Marks 4 년 전

    This is so cute to watch considering Jaclyns current video style ❤️

  • Brianna Fly
    Brianna Fly 8 년 전 +12

    OMG! Love everything about this vid!! Her personality.. her house.. her vanity and make up area.. her dog.. her hair.. her perfume.. her outfit.. and the purse!! OMG! Can I have it all?! lol I prolly sound weird.. oh well! Love this vid! Jelly!

  • TαRα K꧂
    TαRα K꧂ 4 년 전 +405

    Just came to watch this again, after they announced their divorce... So sad.. BUT they need to do what's best for them! So, only well wishes and positive vibes sent their way

    • M D
      M D 4 년 전 +5

      Tara Waits: same here. it's so sad but the best of luck to them.

  • Danica Rodriguez
    Danica Rodriguez 5 년 전

    Thanks for sharing Jaklyn you look so happy and beautiful I love this thank you

  • Jackie Seale
    Jackie Seale 5 년 전

    Still one of my favorite videos of yours. ❤️

  • Elizabeth Johnson
    Elizabeth Johnson 2 년 전 +143

    Holy shiz she looks sooooo different now
    I didn’t notice it as much til this video was recommended randomly

  • Oh So Limitless
    Oh So Limitless 8 년 전 +9

    i would love to see a night time routine. LOVEDthe end bloopers haha you are awesome:)

  • Tiffany McKinney
    Tiffany McKinney 4 년 전

    I cant even imagine what it must be like to be that pretty when I wake up. She is truly a natural beauty, doesnt need a drop of make up!

  • Alyssa Prato
    Alyssa Prato 5 년 전

    You posted this 2 years ago and I still watch it once a week hahaha love you Jac!!!

  • Kelly Gryson
    Kelly Gryson 5 년 전 +2

    Love sleepyhead from Passion Pit!! 😍 I just recently became obsessed with it so it's funny to hear it in an old video of yours! You always make me smile Jaclyn 💋

    • Rachel
      Rachel 5 년 전 +1

      Kelly Gryson i was searching the comments for someone to mention this song!! lol, thanks! (:

  • Kyrstyn Land
    Kyrstyn Land 5 년 전

    I'm so obsessed with this video, y'alls marriage makes me excited for my future!

  • Kelly Nelson
    Kelly Nelson 8 년 전 +10

    LOVED this video!! You and your husband are just so adorbs I can't even take it!!

  • davina m
    davina m 5 년 전

    jaclyn, you really inspire me and make me wanna be better. youre unlike any other you tuber. i love you

  • Yelena Petkova
    Yelena Petkova 5 년 전


  • Airam Lenner
    Airam Lenner 2 년 전 +10

    Gone were the days when she actually looked like a real person, like a real human being.

  • Abby D'Elia
    Abby D'Elia 6 년 전 +1

    I have watched this about 9 times and it never gets old!!

  • Vinamae
    Vinamae 8 년 전 +95

    You and your husband are so cute! I love how much he loves you he is so good at showing how much he appreciates you and supports you through his Instagram! You're so amazing Jaclyn! Not to mention CRAZY gorgeous! 1 mill soon! ;)

    • Sheila Montes
      Sheila Montes 8 년 전

      @***** Sorry to interrupt, i just thought this would get our attention. :) Where would one get that set of mirror with the light bulbs? I see Carli Bybel has one too, if not the EXACT same one. Thank you for shaaaring! :)

  • __paigelorraine
    __paigelorraine 년 전

    So inspiring to see how far she has come

  • Inactive Error 3001
    Inactive Error 3001 2 년 전 +29

    Wow so much more humble and real back then. Had I started watching her before she turned into.... whatever she is now.... I might of liked her. Money changes people!

  • Monica Erwin
    Monica Erwin 2 년 전

    I unfollowed Jaclyn a little over a year ago. Crazy to think I was about 13 when I first started following her. Her personality, real ness, and relatability is what made me follow her. I look back on this video with a kind of sadness and nostalgia. I miss this. This girl who just wanted to make videos. I don’t know her anymore.

  • Alma Perez
    Alma Perez 5 년 전

    Jaclyn you should make a new video that shows your updated/current routine!!

  • Summer Emmons
    Summer Emmons 3 년 전

    I like your outfit and love your makeup and I would like to see a night time and morning routine thanks

  • Ashleigh Brooke
    Ashleigh Brooke 5 년 전

    This is still my favorite video you've done! :) I loveeee it

  • Caitlyn Jo
    Caitlyn Jo 2 년 전 +2

    Feb 2020 and this is in my recommended lol
    LOVE me some Jaclyn!! ❤️

  • Allie Oh Malley
    Allie Oh Malley 2 년 전 +2

    Jaclyn is beautiful without makeup

  • Katie Baker Style
    Katie Baker Style 7 년 전 +50

    I swear I come back and watch this all the time because your family is so cute!

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 년 전

    I love how comfy your bed looks. I’d never get up!!! Love you girllll!!!

  • Adriana Valencia
    Adriana Valencia 5 년 전 +1

    You are so beautiful! With and without make up ...love it 💕

  • Rachel Egan
    Rachel Egan 4 년 전

    This is the first Jaclyn hill video I watched, and It lead to many more, and I’m still a fan today!

  • Christina “Teenz” Schell

    Your hair was so long Jaclyn! I love this video! You should do another one! I loved it!

  • dollfacemakeup
    dollfacemakeup 8 년 전 +29

    Gahhhhhhh i wish i was you! your house, your hubby, your dog, your closet your makeup your BEAUTY & booty lol !!!! just perfectionnnnn!

  • Janet Flores
    Janet Flores 4 년 전

    Omg Jaclyn I LIVE for the bloopers on this one! Love you!

  • Carryl Edwards
    Carryl Edwards 6 년 전

    would love to see a night time routine! 😀😊😆😉😎🤗

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C 4 년 전

    We need an updated one like this 😍

  • Allie Bryant
    Allie Bryant 년 전

    It’s so crazy watching this 6yrs later!! She looks like a complete different person then what she looks like now!! I love your videos so much, you inspire me.