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Beauty Room Tour / Makeup Collection | Jaclyn Hill

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  • 게시일 2015. 03. 04.
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    Hope you guys enjoy this extremely long video tour of my beauty room and makeup collection! A tour of my beauty room and organization has been the most requested video for the past 6 months so I was super excited to be filming this tour for you! I hope this gives you ideas on beauty collection organization. Love you guys! xoxo
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    Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on KRclip. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.
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  • AdelaineMorin
    AdelaineMorin 7 년 전 +484

    This is heavenly😍😍😍

  • Paige Buty
    Paige Buty 5 년 전 +1895

    If I went to your house I'd grab a sephora bag and just shop in this room

  • Ella O'Sullivan
    Ella O'Sullivan 5 년 전 +1187

    * watches this video and falls in love *
    * looks at my own makeup *
    * cries *

    • Kennedy Gilland
      Kennedy Gilland 4 년 전

      Ella O'Sullivan same😂

    • chay
      chay 4 년 전

      Ella O'Sullivan sameee i literally have a small pencil bag that all my makeup stays in 😂

    • Trippy Savv
      Trippy Savv 4 년 전

      I have a make up bag all my makeup fits in there

    • Carleigh Cochran
      Carleigh Cochran 5 년 전 +1

      Lana marie where do I search that

    • lps girl
      lps girl 5 년 전

      Ella O'Sullivan sammmeeee

  • FlorDeFlor
    FlorDeFlor 5 년 전 +86

    I never get tired of watching these kind of videos!

  • Isabella Ordonez
    Isabella Ordonez 5 년 전 +78

    I think the "don't judge me" drawer is more makeup than I own😭 this entire video is my goal, I'm 14 right now and I just have to have a collection like this one day!! I'm obsessed 😍😍😍

    • Asma Asif
      Asma Asif 3 년 전 +2

      Isabella Ordonez now you 16

    • rylieclare
      rylieclare 4 년 전 +2

      Isabella Ordonez same I'm super obsessed with makeup 😂

  • DramaticMac
    DramaticMac 7 년 전 +58

    This has been the video iv been most looking forward to for days! Amazing, this is my life goal! Xx

  • Amy Hills
    Amy Hills 5 년 전 +121

    Whenever my mum tells me I have too much makeup I just show her this.

  • Zoie Palmer
    Zoie Palmer 5 년 전 +10


  • Kharah_Jay Live
    Kharah_Jay Live 5 년 전 +12

    wow, this is a real collection. very organized

  • Emma Ramage
    Emma Ramage 5 년 전 +2

    I come back to this video so often because I just love watching beauty room tours for inspiration and I love Jaclyn so so much

  • KathleenLights
    KathleenLights 7 년 전 +1721


    • Natalie Jon
      Natalie Jon 4 년 전 +1

      thats a bit awkward now

    • Elena Silva
      Elena Silva 4 년 전

      Tanu Yadav k

    • Love Gold
      Love Gold 5 년 전 +3

      Tanu Yadav they actually do giveaways (don't stereotype) and as Jaclyn said it's unsanitary to give away makeup she's used. Obviously some of ya don't care, but they do. Some do give away used makeup, others don't. People seem to have something to say either way. I agree that they obviously don't use all this stuff, but at the end of the day they're not obligated to give it away to subscribers. Tbh it's their choice to buy it or not, not complain abt the youtuber not giving it away, b/c you still may not get it.

    • Tanu Yadav
      Tanu Yadav 5 년 전 +1

      KathleenLights why Don't You people give away some make-up. I am sure you all musnt be using them . give away the ones you are bored with . love you a lot kathreenlights . your subscriber from India. lots of love xoxoxo

  • Hells Belle
    Hells Belle 6 개월 전 +1

    This is great! Going back in time watching oldies and it’s so fun! I’m so happy for Jaclyn. She has worked so hard and she deserves everything good!

    • TheCaitling
      TheCaitling 4 개월 전

      so much can happen in 6 years, its nuts!

  • Amanda
    Amanda 5 년 전 +25

    I would be soooo overwhelmed with all of these options every single day 😳

  • Darlene Klonk
    Darlene Klonk 4 년 전 +1

    This is actually a manageable, well organized amount of makeup compared to other makeup you tube artists..you must be giving a lot of your free makeup hauls away to family and friends instead of hoarding soooo much..the best organizing I've watched so far!!

  • J R
    J R 3 년 전 +1

    Watching this AFTER watcher her bedroom tour. You've come so far!! Proud of you.

  • Hannah Shupe
    Hannah Shupe 7 년 전 +19

    I just kept rewinding this video just to see Georgie being silly. He's adorable. And the bloopers are killing me haha Love you Jaclyn!!

  • dia
    dia 5 년 전 +22

    My jaw dropped when I saw how much makeup you had holy crap this is awesome

  • DivaEagle77
    DivaEagle77 2 년 전 +1

    Jaclyn, can you do an updated version of this video please? It’s so inspiring! I have a make up bathroom and it brings me so much joy!

  • d3blh01
    d3blh01 4 년 전

    Beautiful. Love how organized everything is.

  • Maddie Miller
    Maddie Miller 5 년 전

    I love this video! I swear I have watched this over ten times since you posted it. It is inspiration that one can build through hard work and dedication!

  • Erika Ayala
    Erika Ayala 3 년 전

    Omg I love how organized you are!! You inspired me to organize my makeup stash lol♥️♥️♥️

  • Samantha Lippert
    Samantha Lippert 5 년 전

    i love love love how organized it all is! i have just recently started getting into make up and this is like heaven! #goals

  • Josephine Avery
    Josephine Avery 5 년 전 +68

    I would kill to own all this ♡♡♡

  • JhenCabralTV
    JhenCabralTV 5 년 전 +2

    If I would give a chance to pick and take home some of your collection . I would be so glad . I love it!

  • Lacy Lacy
    Lacy Lacy 7 년 전 +239

    Okay for all the people who are hating and saying she has too much makeup and this is "gross" and she is "selfish" they need to realize a few things....
    1) This is her job! Her job is too find great makeup that actually works for her and for her viewers. You don't run into the store pick out 10 products and they all fit you and your skin perfectly. Its trial and error, and unfortunately you have to buy a lot to find what works.
    2) I want you to think about a hobby, sport, job or something you have invested money into. No one has the right to tell you to stop fulfilling your dream, sport, hobby, or whatever you like to do cause there are starving children out there. Even if you quit your dream and gave all the money you spend on makeup to charity, guess what?! THERE WILL STILL BE STARVING KIDS IN THE WORLD. She works hard for her money, she can spend it how she wants
    3) Its none of anyone's business what you buy. Its not illegal and its not hurting anyone. If I want to go out and spend thousands of dollars on gum balls, I can!! Why, BECAUSE ITS MY MONEY, I'VE EARNED IT!
    Making Jaclyn feel bad with all these attacks is so low its not even funny. So in case you feel bad Jaclyn, im gonna leave it at a quote from James Franco. "they hate us cause they ain't us" . Dont let anyone make you feel bad!!

    • Abigail Williams
      Abigail Williams 7 년 전 +1

      @Allison _ Seriously? You think a company would just say "Oh well, never mind, I'll guess we'll just take that...". No. They'd hop on a massive marketing campaign, do special offers, magazine giveaways....they'd CREATE demands. Companies don't give up and go home because one beauty bloggers stopped buying their product in bulk. Silly.

    • Lacy Lacy
      Lacy Lacy 7 년 전 +7

      @meximom1 No offense but I hate people like you. I have suffered from a mild form of dyslexia in my life so spelling is something that has never come easy, but that hasnt stopped me from working my ass off and obtaining a 3.8 in college. Now that you are all done poking fun at me and my spelling let me get one thing straight. I am a human being and though my spelling might not be great, the thought process behind it is there and clear. So my advise to you is learn not to judge and then post your comments:)

    • Allison
      Allison 7 년 전

      @Suzanne Nelson Calm down. It's sad that you have to resort to name-calling. Maybe you're not an American, but in this country, we are allowed to voice our opinions. I did so without name-calling. Save the "unsubscribe" comment because I am commenting on one of SEVERAL videos Jaclyn has created.

    • Allison
      Allison 7 년 전

      @fantastischfish supply and demand….more products aren't made when they're not needed

  • Keri Keri
    Keri Keri 5 년 전

    Hey Jaclyn this room is absolutely beautiful I just love

  • Taylor Vong
    Taylor Vong 5 년 전

    You have makeup collection goals! I absolutely love the way you set your room up and the organisation makes my heart happy 😍😍😊

  • Moonlight Bby
    Moonlight Bby 5 년 전

    6 seconds into the vid and I already liked and subscribed ! You're absolutely beautiful and straight into the video your videos inspire me so much keep up with the amazing videos and everything ❤️

  • Karlie Place
    Karlie Place 5 년 전 +1

    You should totally make this a yearly video!! I love to look forward to yearly videos ❤️❤️

  • Louise Jones
    Louise Jones 5 년 전

    Love this video. Soooo envious of your room! I have a tiny vanity table that's BUSTING out with products!! ALSO so refreshing to see high street products in there that are affordable for everyone to buy!!

  • Kiara Jade
    Kiara Jade 3 년 전 +1

    Its time for a new one of these please!! It’s been 3 years, a what’s in my beauty room/ tour 💓
    You should open the palletes too & do some sister swatches ♥️

  • StarrySky
    StarrySky 5 년 전

    I just love the furnitures in your room! You design it so well!😊

  • Ava Faull
    Ava Faull 5 년 전 +2

    We need an updated filming room tour and makeup collection and how you organizes it now!!

  • The Mindful Millennial

    This room is absolute perfection! :)

  • Daily Dose of Tee
    Daily Dose of Tee 4 년 전

    Your beauty room is GOALS! Hoping to have my own later on 😍✨

  • Emmie Word
    Emmie Word 4 년 전

    this is like one of my favorite videos of yours! 😍 you should do an updated room tour for your new house!!

  • enchantedG11
    enchantedG11 5 년 전

    I love this makeup room so much!!💕

  • Atheena's Beauty Box

    You're room is absolutely beautiful I would never want to leave my makeup room if mine looked liked this I need some help with redecorating 🙃

  • Felicia Crowe
    Felicia Crowe 4 년 전

    I love your room. It's so organized and efficient.

  • itsmepri
    itsmepri 4 년 전

    You are too cute! Love your beauty room it's definitely inspired me to create my own space. Thanks for sharing!

  • Samantha Scott
    Samantha Scott 5 년 전

    you're just so organized and detailed. thanks for sharing everyyyyyyything! this is awesome

  • Kimberly Ann
    Kimberly Ann 7 년 전 +23

    Girl you're making me want to reorganize my makeup! :)

  • BeautyQueen WannaBe

    I love this! I would act like a kid in a candy store if I had all this! I would have so much fun. If my makeup collection is like this ever I would die. You are so blessed. Keep enjoying life. Love your videos!

  • Alicia Avila
    Alicia Avila 4 년 전

    I came here after watching your empty house tour and literally crying at how far you've come. BRAVO QUEEN 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Arlea Rose
    Arlea Rose 5 년 전

    Ughhhhh to die for girl !!!!! Absolutely amazing room and collection. The one thing I fell in love with that you didn't mention was the big white vase with the white flowers in it next to your desk. Where did you get that??? Love you 😍😘

  • Jayme Brown
    Jayme Brown 4 년 전

    Jaclyn, you're so cute lol. I love your energy and personality. You are honestly one of my biggest role models 💖 updated beauty room tour would be spectacular ❤❤

  • Danielle Zirpolo
    Danielle Zirpolo 6 년 전 +19

    I know this video is a few months old, but i just wanted to tell you that I come back and watch this video when I'm feeling down or out of the ordinary because you are such an inspiration to me. You are my goals, and i don't just mean makeup goals lol. You are so down to earth, and so thankful for everything you have and that just makes me love you so much more. I follow you on snapchat, instagram & twitter and when you post on them it makes my day so much better. I love you Jaclyn, stay you

    • TeenieBreenie
      TeenieBreenie 6 년 전

      Me too. I dunno why but when I watch this video I find myself smiling like a goofball the whole time. It lifts my spirits as do all her videos.

    • Lauren LPS Productions
      Lauren LPS Productions 6 년 전


  • Lexiee Sanchez’s
    Lexiee Sanchez’s 5 년 전 +1

    If I had a dollar for every time she mentioned the container store I'd be able to buy her collection 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • hersh hansra
    hersh hansra 5 년 전 +7

    ALL HAIL THE MAKEUP QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily Blake
    Emily Blake 5 년 전

    You should do an updated beauty room video! I love this video so much.

  • LauraC979
    LauraC979 5 년 전

    Love your set up!! I would never leave this room!

  • Shavonne Jefferson
    Shavonne Jefferson 7 년 전 +188


    • Suzanne Nelson
      Suzanne Nelson 7 년 전 +3

      @***** Jaclyn, honestly these comments kill me. Please, I hope you know and understand by now that these little girls are nothing but jealous of you . They are jealous of what you have worked very hard to obtain. Rather then be inspired by you to make themselves better and to give hope that they can obtain the same thing by working hard, they take the opposite ugly direction. You are such a beautiful young lady and please don't let anyone rain on your parade. It is hard to not have your feelings hurt. Even the older KRclipr's who are my age still get stung by some of the comments. Stay exactly how you are. You are perfect!

    • Chlohohed
      Chlohohed 7 년 전

      Amen sista!

    • Christina Sciblo
      Christina Sciblo 7 년 전

      Yes she does!!! Good things happen to good ppl.

    • Sara Shoemake
      Sara Shoemake 7 년 전 +7

      Yes she does! 100% agree with you and I have a hard time understanding how people could ever say mean things to her and not see how genuine she is.

  • Eloise Perry
    Eloise Perry 5 년 전

    this makeup collection is goals ❤❤❤

  • Kari Bristow
    Kari Bristow 5 년 전

    Such a beautiful room! It is my new inspiration for my lashing room. (I do lash extentions and brow waxing.) And WOW I seems like you mostly had glosses and lipsticks! hahaha love it!

  • Sheila
    Sheila 4 년 전

    That mirror is everything 👌Love it. I have that primer from Chanel, it’s so great. Foundations and eyeshadows are my favourite make-up

  • Stephanie McCown
    Stephanie McCown 3 년 전

    Amazing collection! I am so jealous!

  • kelsey ainsworth
    kelsey ainsworth 5 년 전 +757

    I'm only 13, but this makeup collection/beauty room is my inspiration for when I'm older😂❤️

    • Wild Boss
      Wild Boss 4 년 전

      Lydia M I'm sixteen and I don't care.

    • Lidz My shoes
      Lidz My shoes 4 년 전

      Kelsey Ainsworth same ❤❤

    • McDonald Trump
      McDonald Trump 4 년 전

      Kelsey Ainsworth look at shannoxx she has literally all the makeup in the world :0 biggest collection so far on tube

    • Shelby Shofner
      Shelby Shofner 4 년 전 +1

      Kelsey Ainsworth look up desi perkins, hers is wayyy bigger

    • Isla Peaker
      Isla Peaker 4 년 전

      Kelsey Ainsworth me to!! Xx

  • Heather Childers
    Heather Childers 5 년 전

    OMG, I absolutely love your vanity mirror!!

    VEYONZÉ 3 년 전 +4


  • isabella reyes
    isabella reyes 5 년 전 +1

    i din't know why but i get so excited by seeing all this makeup, probably because i'm not able to buy makeup. i mean, basically all my makeup fits in one makeup pouch. you are soon lucky to be able to afford all that. i would KILL for that!! i love you jaclyn!

  • Fit Mission Makeup Jocelyn McClellan

    oh my gosh! I get ready like, on the floor, in a section with my compact and a couple brushes! This blows my mind and so beautiful! How in the world do you choose what to wear everyday. Its like a party!

  • Saira
    Saira 5 년 전 +51

    How does she decide what makeup she wants to wear in the morning?! I would spend hours just like "Ok, what lip colour should I wear today?" *After 1 hour of deciding a lip COLOUR* "Ok, a deep nude is good today. Now, what brand?" 😂

    • Natalie DeHoff
      Natalie DeHoff 4 년 전

      Saira that's why I only have one of each color I would use. One warm nude one cool nude one red one purple one mauve one burgundy one brown one pink.

  • alejandra ramirez
    alejandra ramirez 5 년 전

    Wow!!! Like it. It is very organized and very handy. Great ideas to organize my make up 👍🏻

  • Makeup with Michelle

    Love this room. It's really giving me ideas for my room one day if i ever get my own apartment lol

  • Ellie Smith
    Ellie Smith 5 년 전

    Hey I am actually in love with this video by any chance could you make a recent vanity tour?

  • giulianamcg
    giulianamcg 5 년 전

    Imagine how hard it is to choose what you wanna use for your makeup look in the morning with this whole collection

  • Grace and Gabby
    Grace and Gabby 6 년 전 +22

    Do an updated makeup room tour!!!

  • lorna young
    lorna young 4 년 전

    Love this room!

  • ☆ sidney ☆
    ☆ sidney ☆ 5 년 전 +17

    Please do an updated makeup collection video!

  • Official KayteeS
    Official KayteeS 5 년 전

    Yay, this makes me so excited I'm starting to clean and organize all of my makeup! You should make a video if you haven't already on makeup sanitization and how to do it. Many people don't know that viruses and fungus can cling to makeup products. Okay bye. 😘

  • Courtney Layer
    Courtney Layer 4 년 전

    I always watch this whenever I'm bored and lacking in inspiration, never gets old hehe

  • My Typical Twenties
    My Typical Twenties 7 년 전 +25

    I'm so happy you decided to upload this! These videos are so therapeutic for me and you are my favorite girl! :) I'm super sick but this was WORTH the wait!

    • My Typical Twenties
      My Typical Twenties 7 년 전 +4

      Um, you've never replied to me before and my night is MADE! Seriously I can't imagine how insane it is to try to keep up with all the comments and stuff pouring in, thank you for taking the time to reply

  • Desiree Colon
    Desiree Colon 4 년 전

    I am new to you, but I'm loving you and can't wait to get your new Morphe eyeshadow palette!!! I am in the process of creating this makeup desk for myself in black :)
    Thanks for this inside look, it's awesome!

  • bfoxxy84 💎
    bfoxxy84 💎 5 년 전 +1

    this is like makeup heaven 💋✨💄🛍✨

  • Oops I'm musical trash
    Oops I'm musical trash 5 년 전 +112

    Please do an updated makeup collection

  • Frances Torres
    Frances Torres 5 년 전 +5

    I like how she has drugstore foundation & concealers and primers in one drawer and in the next drawer she has all high end foundation concealer and primers

  • Kimberly Dorn
    Kimberly Dorn 7 년 전 +82

    I just wanted to say thank you so much. You have truly changed my life. Since I started watching you, Even my 4 year old son says "mommy you look beautoful". You are so special and important to so many females. You effect us in our lives more than you know. You are a true beautiful person inside and out. You are definitely my favorite person here on you tube. My dream is you to do my make up some day. I am just in ahhh of you. You make my day so much better everyday I watch one of your videos. I just wanted to send some love from Southern Orange County, CA.♡♡♡

    • Daisy
      Daisy 7 년 전 +4

      So much love on the internet! I feel like i am a unicorn! Awwwww....

  • LifeBeauty01
    LifeBeauty01 5 년 전

    I've watched this over and over for so long and still love this video but I only just realised I have the same desk as you. I love it so much 💖💖💖

  • white bread
    white bread 4 년 전

    I love how you're so appreciative of your subscribers I subscribed

  • Mary Alvarez
    Mary Alvarez 5 년 전

    It's been a few years since you've posted this....can you do an updated video? I took your video for my own beauty room inspiration and love it 😍 you are the best!! 😍🙌🏽

  • Britt
    Britt 3 년 전

    Omg I would die happy if I had all that amazing makeup

  • Amelia Mayen
    Amelia Mayen 7 년 전 +64

    Wow...your room it's like any girls dream room! You were the first youtube guru that I started watching about 3 years ago...and let me just say that you are still the same if not more happy and bubbly!! Love your personality! 😜❤

  • Holley Sullivan
    Holley Sullivan 4 년 전

    Just sent this video to my boyfriend saying "goals" I'm an aspiring makeup artist and I'm building my beauty room and this was exactly what I wanted before I even saw this. Great minds think alike 😁

  • faviola padilla
    faviola padilla 4 년 전

    I'm so happy how for you've come. Congrats to your new house!

  • lindsay 7650
    lindsay 7650 5 년 전

    Jaclyn!! Please do an updated makeup collection/storage video!!!!

  • Isla Peaker
    Isla Peaker 4 년 전

    I would love to see a makeup declutter video from you 😍

  • Journey Patterson
    Journey Patterson 7 년 전 +148

    Jaclynnnnn! My dry skin is BEGGING you to do an updated skincare routine!

  • Brandi Sallings
    Brandi Sallings 5 년 전

    Gorgeous Room Tour.

  • ssaliens28
    ssaliens28 3 년 전

    I just bought your eyeshadow palette and i love it❤

  • Max It Up with Marta

    I love that beauty work room. wow, everything is super organized and there is so much. I can totally see her friends going over and "shopping", wow so many lashes. nooooo, don't bust up the shot. xo

  • sky
    sky 3 년 전

    Love the room!!!!!

  • Lyndsey Campbell
    Lyndsey Campbell 7 년 전 +41

    Can you PLEASE do a updated skincare routine? My skin has become so dry and I think of you everytime I do my skincare routine or go shopping! You know your shit.

    • Jennifer Burkhardt
      Jennifer Burkhardt 7 년 전

      Jaclyn mentioned the thirstymud mask by GlamGlow once. I tried it and it has been my saving grace this winter! If you're more dry prone I would even recommend their thirstycleanse face wash. I more acne prone so I use the supercleanse and I LOVE IT. Hope that helps :)

    • Kira McGrigg
      Kira McGrigg 7 년 전 +1

      Hey, if you're looking for dry skin solutions, you might want to consider oil cleansing! The right oils won't break you out, and it really helps with dryness and overall skin health.

  • Live Life With Sonja

    I love this set-up! I have so much space but I want more windows and wooden floor! And the furniture in this room ahaha

  • Katlyn Seckman
    Katlyn Seckman 3 년 전 +1

    You should do an updated beauty room tour!

  • Coffee with Coletta

    Awesome video, I enjoyed watching it!

  • Darlene
    Darlene 3 년 전

    A decorating tip I learnt many years ago, you should always light a candle at least once. It makes the candle look so much more welcoming with a blackened wick.

  • Sara Jezuit
    Sara Jezuit 6 년 전 +23

    Omg... This is so satisfying. So much make up that is so well organized. This is very soothing, oddly enough

  • rikohanny ha
    rikohanny ha 5 년 전 +194

    I wish I could afford all of these makeup

  • Macy Jay
    Macy Jay 3 년 전 +1

    OMG!!!!!! Jaclyn u look stunning without makeup

  • razzyd
    razzyd 5 년 전

    i love her makeup collection omg